Dinosaur News On Hiatus Until Further Notice

Hey Ladies and Gents.

As you know Dinosaur News is Beattie boy’s baby.  For a small time now I (Shaun) have been filling in for Beattie until he gets well.  He’s been suffering some health issues of late (not life threatening) and needs to get a few small things done before he can continue.  In the meantime, I don’t want Dinosaur News starting to become TCTA.  I don’t have Johns ability to make Dinosaur News what he himself does, so instead of confusing new comers that are coming in to listen of late, I am placing Dinosaur News on Hiatus and will run a repeat each week instead, until John gets back.

John’s been keeping me in the loop as to what’s been going on and although he is in good spirits, he has a hard time sitting upright for long amounts of time, so as you can imagine, it wouldn’t be too easy to do a broadcast in his current state.  I assure you however, that he is looking forward to getting back in the drivers seat and speaking to everybody again, just as soon as he possibly can and if I know Beattie boy, I’m betting to say that he is chomping at the bit to talk up a storm about everything that is happening of late.

For now, don’t forget to send John your well wishes and let him know how much you miss him.  I’m sure that will keep his spirits high.

Can’t wait to have you back Beattie!


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