Brigid’s Readings w/ Brigid 2017-05-17

On this edition of Brigid’s Readings, Brigid reads:

  • Finalizing The Morphine Genocide by M.S. King from page 58 and then beginning Downtown White Police by James Lancia
  • Making Sense of the ‘Super Fuse Scare
  • The Exponential Growth of Insecurity
  • Does Bush Have Afterthoughts?
  • The Criminality of Facebook Exposed:  Facebook is Abusive.  It is Time to Divorce It!
  • Hanford, Imploding Cities, Derivatives, the NSA and the End Game
  • Prepping Can Pay For Itself
  • It’s Time to Start Ranting Against Our Abusers
  • So What is a Limited Hang Out Civil War?


Music played:  Wednesday, 17 May 2017

——– ——
07:58:20 bump Brigid\Pavel Berman – Mikhail Voskresensky – Prokofiev Violin sonata No.1.wav
08:00:12 bump Brigid\Loreena McKennitt – The Highwayman lyrics.wav
08:58:20 bump Brigid\Enya – Only Time (Official Music Video).wav
09:00:12 bump Brigid\Loreena McKennitt – The Bonny Swans (HQ).wav
09:58:20 bump Brigid\Mozart- String Quint N3 K516 1-4 Amadeus (6.1966).wav

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