The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-17

On this premier edition of The Less Than 1% Show, John speaks about:

*DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – WTFR does not necessarily agree with everything that John says on this broadcast – DISCLAIMER over and out**

*WARNING!  When John says goodbye, he is not actually finished on the show.  Keep listening for bonus segments…  The show ends when you hear the WTFR badge…*

  • An explanation as to who John is as a person and his beliefs
  • Verbalizing Twitter and naming the show Less Than 1%
  • Churches have become absolutely useless – Refugees welcome
  • Richard Spencer the trust fund baby and his lunacy – Rich(tard) boy actor, nothing more
  • BLM act like savages but Whites did not become the same savages
  • Alt-Right bullshit and passing the Milo phase (Shauns note:  I notice many people saying that Spencer explained his mistakes with figuratively holding hands with Milo…  Yeah, because he noticed he was losing followers and henceforth money, otherwise he would still be holding hands with the degenerate faggot)
  • We are chasing our tails and the people at the top are still in power
  • What does the letter B in LGBT imply?
  • Emailers identifying themselves (Shauns note:  To clarify, I was not talking about John, because I knew of his dilemma)
  • John is not fucking Gandhi OK?  But he DOES get himself blocked by celebrity wanna’bes….
  • More infighting, more infighting!  (Shauns note:  The previous network are their own downfall, we don’t need to in-fight with them any longer, but this is not to say I don’t feel other peoples stress.  We still get emails about these people to this day.)
  • Reported no-go zones where police will not enter – Muslim filth making your world better
  • David Duke, Richard Spencer and “saving the monuments” and those things these people refuse to talk about
  • Populism always wins in a democratic society but in the pecking order you lose
  • Chick triggered by Trump bumper sticker becomes savage and pulls knife
  • @WTFRAMERICA is Johns twitter account and you should see his time line
  • John invites Shaun to bring people on the show from Twitter (Shauns notes:  I may, I may not.  A lot of that type thing can be a waste of time, because the Alt-Kike ain’t going to change any time soon.  Would make for great radio though.  But the end question is, “does it help progress White Western Civilisation?”  I’m not sure.)
  • Saturday May 13th, James Edwards, Political Cesspool promotes protests (Shauns note:  We use to cover James over at 1650 AM for years and I covered him on 107.9 FM for a time until we found him in bed with Milo.  Figuratively speaking of course.  This is what happens when you are “sleeping with the enemy”. )
  • Mike Hill speaks about former military and former law enforcement in the groups
  • “Whatever, they are fuckin statues!”  (Shauns note:  It’s more than that.  It’s what the statue stands for.  It’s not about the stone.  What the statue stands for is what helps man keep going to fight for White Western Civilisation.  This is not to say we need to be out there like morons looking like a bunch of thug dick heads.)
  • Emissions and other bullshit regulations that fuck us out of our wallets to the point we can’t afford to live properly
  • John breaks the “gray hair in the grill” law and gets fucked hypothetically (Shauns note:  What the fuck did he think?  Didn’t he KNOW about the GRAY HAIR LAW???  Pffft…  Wait until they introduce him to the PUBIC HAIR LAW!!!  Oy VEY!!!)

And more…


5 thoughts on “The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-17

  1. Heya John,
    I remember saying in the chatroom during when you called in one of Shaun’s show about the cops harassing you about your car and you talking about the construction of transgender bathrooms in public school that you oughta consider doing a show sometime and I’m glad you decided to take the time to do some recordings. Great first show and hope you keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks gents!

    I just submitted a 2nd show to the arrogant, controlling, jealous, hateful, censoring, and dictatorial owner of this network….I hope he’ll post it as well!



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