Don’t Forget the Golden Oldies

Hey all!

Don’t forget to check out some of the older broadcasts that have been done here on WTFR.  It’s very easy to want to keep up with what’s new and that’s great, but sometimes you miss out on some real gems if you don’t scroll back once in a while to take a look at what you may have missed.  Heck, even what you may have already heard, but need to remember!

Here is one of my personal favourites that some of the younger audience may get something out of.

Will Roberts and myself back in 2012, before he passed away, speaking behind the scenes about a great many important subjects on a human level.  William was not only a genius as far as I am concerned, but he was also the best teacher in the world, that I had ever met.  He knew how to articulate his genius without even knowing it, and he knew how to articulate his knowledge even more.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and listen to Will, teaching me a thing or two!


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One thought on “Don’t Forget the Golden Oldies

  1. Thanks for taking the time to compile this very personal report, Shaun, I learned a lot and choose to think of it as your Tribute to Will Roberts, whomI definitely hope to learn more about. I know you are glad you recorded your conversation and tbat he was a true friend,


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