Incendiary Radio w/ Pat Privilege (RBN) 2017-05-14

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Pat fills in for Rob and speaks about:

  • Clip:  Trump speaks about Nato G7 and visits to different countries with Muslim allies
  • Pat questions what Trumps actions will be throughout all of this
  • Alt-media discussion and who is where and what is who these days
  • Clip:  Trump at Liberty University representing Liberty
  • Pat speaks about Monica Perez when it comes to whether it’s all theater or not
  • Clip:  Trump TV interview firing James Comey
  • We will see how it all plays out – Are there games being played?
  • Clip:  Internet security, cyber attacks and ransom ware
  • Is Trump playing a role in the surveillance State?
  • Pat Jordan comes on and speaks about many things including Dr. Rebecca Carley
  • Jordan pays no attention to presidents or their current events (A man after mine (Shaun) own heart)
  • Getting down to the most distilled version of understanding all of this
  • The follow up of what (((they))) fear – Such as genius
  • “Crocodiles will eat their own when the swamp gets low”.  “That’s just a fact of life”.
  • All politics is local – Doesn’t matter  what the president says (Start individually)
  • What is work, Jordan asks?  (Shauns comments:  My thoughts exactly..  Is it getting into the car and going to the office or is it about building your own log cabin and making your own garden and hunting your own food etc…  Why do we think it is illegal to build your own cabin here without permits?
  • The hive on the out side simply won’t allow us as whites to have our own hives (I (Shaun) spoke about this when I spoke of ethnostates on yesterdays show.  Click here to have a listen to the show.  There can be no ethnostates because they will ALWAYS be disolved.)
  • If evil was in fact an infectious disease then we could cure it
  • The witches/dark sorcerers let us know what they are doing to us as they have to before they can do it – We allow it by agreeing with it.



2 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Pat Privilege (RBN) 2017-05-14

  1. Talk about deep topics for conversation, the two Pats do not hold back. I really appreciated this show, but am heart sick to learn that Dr. Carley is STILL being persecuted. Sure enough, her phone seems to be out of service and her website is down. Right now, I am listening to a podcast of her, from just three years ago, as a guest on The Mary and Sallie Show on blogtalkradio, and she sounds as brilliant, caring, and lucid as ever,



    • And am now listening to her from four months ago, interviewing Michael King, RN on TheMaryAndSallieShow, titled, “Health Professionals and Vaccines.” And, on 12/16/16, BirdFlu666.wordpress news item is: that Dr. Carley was rapidly discharged from a psychiatric unit due to a wave of support. I definitely plan to broadcast/read some of the excellent articles she wrote that still can be found on the web.


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