Daily Stormers Anglin & Info Stormers Lee Rogers See the WTFR Light

As many of you know Ladies and Gents, different networks as well as websites like to take hints from WTFR, especially when it comes to what I (Shaun Surplus) have to say on my show.  This has included the likes of the Daily Stormer.  It seems that the authors over there have seen the light and know that WTFR brings you the best news and most interesting subjects.

Not so long ago, I covered the issues of the “fuckin fat fuckin fatties” and a few days later, one of the Daily Stormer authors, jumped on the idea like a “fat kid on a cup cake” and ran with it, by writing an article almost verbatim when it comes to the subject matter.  Ever since, they have followed little tidbits here and there that I speak about here on WTFR/TCTA.

May 8th just gone, Andrew Anglin caught wind of WTFR’s success when Shaun spoke of the Baby Booming crowd and quickly rendered himself an article to keep up with what is largely being ignored.  This is great to see and I expect nothing more nor less than to see more of this take place, between the Stormer and the Stormer.  Yes, that’s right, Infostormer.com also follows what WTFR are up to and keeps tabs on what Andrew is doing as well.

When times are tough and the Daily Stormer’s well is running dry, they should indeed come on over here and follow what we are up to.  We will keep them afloat!

WTFR – Keeping websites alive, all over White Western Civilisatiion…


10 thoughts on “Daily Stormers Anglin & Info Stormers Lee Rogers See the WTFR Light

  1. Well as much as it pisses me off that they plagiarized my podcast about the fatties and how they took our research on the boomers, at least the DS is getting Karma when they collapse from their lawsuit . That will also allow us to grow as a network and give us more room from the power vacuum to tell the truth instead of bs that the AltKike push


    • Plagarized your podcast about the fatties? Don’t flatter yourself so much Gads, you’ll have to work harder than that around here. You don’t get free credit either.

      The podcast about fatties and abbos that The Stormer copied was mine, back in Febuary. 2017-02-10 … The next day they copied me about the abbos and the fatties. So that same day, I wrote a “credit where it’s due” article about people that don’t give credit where it’s due and then ranted in an audio file about the Stormer copying my shit.

      In fact your fatties show came a few months later. I don’t even know that the Stormer has heard it. There has been no indication.

      So in order, the copied my fatty and abbo show the day after the show I did in feb and they’ve taken a few tidbits here and there in between, but now they have come on over for the Boomer thing.

      Credit where it’s due Gads, credit where it’s due. Not even you get off that lightly. Ha!


  2. DS has done fat shaming for a long time and boomeranging has been a meme for a while on The Daily Shoah and other TRS shows as well.


    • Nice try Markus, but the fact that I took a shot at Ziegel or whatever the fuck his name is about copying my articles and then he went on a copy WTFR rampage less than a week later, says enough for me. Let me see, I take a shot at him about copying my articles and shows when it comes to the abbos, right down to the pictures I use and then he copies my fatty show the next day to make a statement.

      If you love Anglin so much, what are you doing here? Go and spend time with the bloke that fucked his way across Asia mate.

      I DO NOT CONDONE RACE MIXING!!! I have fucking will power. I don’t even condone my own biological brothers race mixing.

      We are White Nationalists, not race mixing cesspool nationalists.

      You’re welcome to stick around if you like, but DO NOT mistake my position here.


      • I don’t know Shaun. Does Zeiger even know you exist? Try to contact him.
        All these topics are surrounding us all. Nothing unique about them.


      • Yeah he knows who I am. They all do over there mate. They even had a few of my shows on their website in the past.

        And if he’s such a great bloke, what’s he doing over there Markus? Sure there are some good articles over there, but all for the wrong reasons. It’s all about money for Anglin.

        It’s too much like saying, I will turn up to a conference that Spencer is holding, because he makes some commonsense. No thanks, because Spencer invites people like Milo and Rouche the rapist to his conferences. I wouldn’t do it. Same this here with Anglin. I still believe he is of the race mixer mentality, he just can’t be caught doing it anymore because it messes with him and the Stormer which is his cash cow.


      • Spencer explained himself on Milo and Roosh. He’s done with Milo and Roosh rather announced himself to one conference and Spencer let him speak for he has a huge following. Spencer didn’t even know about his comments until later and doesn’t associate with anymore. These are all old canards. Time went on.


      • Yeah, I guess I have more will power and stand for what is right, no matter HOW big my audience is.

        I will never bow to degeneracy. That’s the difference between me and them. And don’t even get me started about the current mistakes Spencer is making right now with this whole confederate thing.

        Anyway mate, I have to keep an eye on Gadsdens show.


  3. The daily spermer is constantly ripping off other peoples work, and is constantly trying to rehabilitate that fat orange cheeto man Trump because they’re out of ideas. FUCKING ZEIGER RIPPING OFF SHAUN SURPLUS. Apedre was shitting all over chris cornell from soundgarden today, wouldnt expect anything less from a little wigger who listens to rap music!


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