TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-05-14

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Being bitten by the spider which is why he was away
  • Twitter yet again attacking free thinkers with bully tactics
  • Shaun apologises publicly to Cody
  • The young ones and their thoughts after hearing Evalion and Gads
  • Ethnostates and where Shaun Surplus stands with it all
  • Shaun revisits the email he read on Beattie’s show and discusses it Shaun style
  • Some audio clips played, including some holocaust complaints that came in from jews


Breaks played:  Sunday, 14 May 2017

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17 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-05-14

  1. Heya Shaun,
    just listened this morning somewhat after you posted this, and i now revised my stance as i’ll play the excerpt of siege on my next show this coming tuesday about how to solve this multicultural problem. also, on the new orleans “battle”, i have read into it, and my sources say that there was actually little physical clash between the antifas and the altright that infact it was mostly peaceful protest to keep the statues . however i agree that we should be trying to buy up the statues. Btw you should play that commercial of michelle obama more often that was hilarious.


    • Gads no offense mate, but just you saying that you have the solution to this multicultural problem is indicative of an “impatient millennial” let alone hilarious. Please, don’t make me laugh.

      As for siege, I don’t want his shit on this network. My family was molested and I haven’t yet been able to prove that the person behind Siege wasn’t a pedo. So at the moment, no thanks. It won’t be approved.


      • I knew James Mason (“Siege”) very well in late 60s and then late 70s. His parents and he, treated my girlfriend (between marriages) and I, as royalty at their country home outside Chillicothe, Ohio. Their home was “base” in between Jim driving us to visit Dr. Pierce, and others. He always showed a normal interest in the opposite sex, BUT after my last visit I heard gossip. He broke up with his older girlfriend, and during the breakup his ex raved about him photographing her 15 year old half undressed ? Siege revolutionary writings were inspirational, but good only for dreams. Mason himself was very brave and did dozens of demos . Last I heard he imported a Polish Bride, deserting us for a security guard job in Denver, Colorado.


      • Yeah Mason allegedly confessed to his pedophilia in a book called “art that kills”. And his police record indicates that he’s had victims as young as 7 years old. 15 is one thing, because often 15 year old girls are sexually active and well aware of the decisions they make, but he was MUCH older than the 15 year old and of course possesses a much better ability to deceive a young 15 year old into having sex with him, which is unacceptable. This is not teenage fun, this is deception of the worst kind.

        I am yet to read the book “art that kills” but as soon as I get a copy, I will read it and see if what has been said is indeed true. I’m betting it is. Mason has been arrested in numerous accounts for these antics.


    • That goes directly against the constitution. If somebody has their own property, even in the States, Canada, Australia etc, they are allowed to put what they may, there.


    • Some of the councils have refused to sell a few of the monuments already. Of those ones, we have no power over. But do you think for a moment, that sending people out on the streets to get all bloodied is going to change that? No, it’s not. It’s going to attract more laws against us. We will just be seen as bad as the ANTIFA. A bunch of street thugs punching on each other. Nothing more nor less and that’s my whole point.


  2. Bottom Line: Richard Spencer is just as wealthy as any agitator from the LEFT that’s ever been exposed!

    Great point, Shaun…David Duke drives around in his Mercedes making merchandise out of people…and Spencer, of great family wealth, most likely PAID all those pretty boys that showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday night and burned tiki candles for SHOW!!!

    If our people would, follow the money, just like they do in every other suspect and manufactured event meant to steer public opinion, they’d quickly find out that whites are being provoked into a backlash; and this Jew-owned government can’t wait to roll out the FINAL police state model against their eternal enemies, white western, critical-thinking, Jew-exposing, moral righteous man!!!

    All Duke, Spencer, and their defenders can come back at you with will be the same horseshit Byle & Grenade had….”stop the infighting…waaaaahhh, waaaahhhh, waaaahhhh”; well somebody is right, and somebody is wrong and their obviously well-insulated tools of the Jews completely incapable of reasoning with a white common person as to how white western countries can restore good moral governance once again, and that includes jailing and eventually hanging all the criminals who have wrecked our lands, corrupted our children, and still DARE to think we’re so stupid as to cut our own throats by killing ourselves in either a civil war, or another world war!!!


  3. This is Ches – but I figured I’d use a handle here.. Radim (Radim Hladik) is in honor of the famous Czech Jazz/Rock guitarist who I fortunately got to see play live last summer but he then died unfortunately due to a terminal lung issue.. If you wish take a moment to see his work. If not for the Iron Curtin he would have been next to Hendrix as for fame..
    As for David Duke calling to circle the wagons – yes – that was a joke especially when he wasn’t even there. I am a MAJOR fan of Dukes for his amazing research and constant updates as to what is going on globally. But he was in the perfect position to do something much more powerful. If I was Duke? Just off the cuff without much thought three ideas based on feedback.
    1. Request all patriots to set a moratorium to not spend a dollar in the area – get the word out to break the areas economy..
    2. If people insist on being there then let’s get the message out – with a smile – 100’s of well written flyers tel;ling about the jews, dual citizens and Jewish Privilege.. Something to show that it’s the jews behind every issue plummeting us down.. The guy is in a position to generate some bucks if needed.
    3. Maybe an airplane with a banner – “YOU are a Slave to the FED” Get across to people slavery never ended.. Yes – the libs are too fuckin stupid to ever get a clue as a lot of them want to be slaves. but those ideas are better than giving them what they want while looking dumb on TV. At least these three ideas would earn David some better credibility with other groups. Actually one of Davids own messages which shows Trump indeed works for their communist rep in DC – “Trump is a SLAVE TO KUSHINER”..


  4. One person told me that her family keeps a couple dozen geese to prevent spiders and scorpions; lists nine natural ways to keep spiders out of your house, one being to repell them with vinegar, by filling a spray bottle with white vinegar and water and spray all the cracks and crevices around your home; and gives 14 ways. Whatever works, fight back, lol.


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  6. Gadston is great host, considering that is not even 20. Evalion is interesting young lady as well. But if they gonna keep praising butcher Staling as some kind of crypto-nationalist, I’m afraid I’m forced to “change the channel” so to speak. This is simply insulting, to those who knows little bit of 20th century history. Man, who eliminated whole ethic groups, like Crimean tartars, basically eliminated officer class of Poland, deported hundreds of thousands of people of Baltic region and Bessarabia to die in Siberia (this may not sound as horrific as Holodomor, but those nations poputions are only few millions at best!).
    I am not even gonna speak about Germany. Have they forgotten Hellstorm? Just because Staling killed few thousand jew communist at process will not make him a good guy. Communists have internal power struggles, just like organized crime, if “uncle Joe” would not axed Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinovyev, etc, they might axe him! Those were ruthless times, when just one wrong word could seal your faith forever. I sincerely hope that these misconceptions are only product of young host sincere naivete and not attempt to turn white nationalism into duginist Marxist euro-asiatic garbage…

    Otherwise, keep up the good work! 🙂


    • Yeah this was one of the big things I didn’t agree with when they were talking. Stalin was a fucking animal. A piece of low down psychotic filth. I spoke about him on numerous occasions on the broadcast. The piece of shit was taking the farm equipment and the farmed food after the State farming “act” if you will, so that his peasants couldn’t farm anything or harvest. Many of these families ended up cannibals to be able to eat. Including parents that ate their own children.
      One thing that people don’t understand is that when starvation sets in, your mind is never the same and even your children become a part of the menu. Only the strongest of will can overcome it. The everyday Joe however, often cannot.


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