Brigid’s Readings w/ Brigid 2017-05-12

On this edition of Brigid’s Readings, Brigid reads:

  • War Pigs’ – song
  • McCain’s Balkans Drug Route
  • Brennan’s Last mission at CIA: Greater Albania Project
  • Breaking:  Macron Set Up Offshore Corporate Tax Evasion Contrivance in Nevis and Grand Cayman
  • No Plans to Lift Food Imports Embargo
  • Marxists Draw Them to Calais Like Mice Sniffing Cheese
  • Lost in Legal Land: Jurisdiction
  • U.S. Strike on Syria ‘gave Daesh free rein
  • American Violence
  • Hungarian-Russian Satellite Space Project Kicks Off
  • U.S. Seeks Chaos in Afghanistan to Justify Intervention
  • Gaza in Crisis as Power Plant Shuts Down


Music breaks played:  Friday, 12 May 2017

——– ——
08:58:20 bump Brigid\Mozart- Overture – ‘Don Giovanni’.wav
09:00:12 bump Brigid\Mozart – Requiem.wav
09:58:20 bump Brigid\Enya – Orinoco Flow.wav

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