TCTA w/ Gadsden & Evalion 2017-05-11

I’m sorry that I was not able to do a show this week Ladies and Gents, but I was bitten by a nasty spider and I am still suffering.  Gadsden and Evalion talk up a storm however.  There are a few audio discrepancies as I had the wrong mute codes loaded, but the guest hosts pulled through it.

** DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, Shaun does not necessarily agree with any one point that Gadsden and Evalion had to say.**


Music breaks played:  Thursday, 11 May 2017

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19 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Gadsden & Evalion 2017-05-11

  1. This was such a refreshing show, exciting and thought-invoking, thanks to the interaction and conversation offered by Evalion and Gadsden. Both of them are so very engaging and determined to share their concerns and hopes for the future with us, the listening audience. Thanks so much. Sure hope that Shaun was able to kill that damn spider that had the nerve to bite him. Always some kind of bug read to smite us, eh, internal or external!


    • Well I’m glad you enjoyed the show from me and my friend evalion have put on as shaun fell victim to spider bite. As for the spider status, shaun has stated in the chatroom that he killed the spider after he found it biting him but it was too late as he felt ill to it and had to have someone fill in for him. I also tallked about how everyone has fell sick to something whether jasper with flue, John Beattie with hernia, Shaun with flu, me with congestion and sinus infestion, and shaun again with spider bite. I hope this (((Sicknesses))) end so that we can go full speed with our shows.


      • No I didn’t kill it Gads, I didn’t see it. It was dark and I felt the bite and reached down to grab it and I threw it and went back to sleep. The thing escaped by the time the affects of the bite set in. I can’t even be sure it was a Redback but I know it was a spider because I felt it with my fingers and it left a nasty welt for a while.


      • I am so sorry that you four are suffering at present. Sure looks like reinforcements arrived just in time, eh. At present, at least, all I suffer from are some sort of allergies, so that talking for two hours straight is lately the best I can easily muster.


  2. Someone told me recently that Evalion is disavowing Hitler & Nationalism now online? Pretty sure she called herself some kind of communist/socialist on social media very recently too. Can anyone confirm this as I got it from a couple of friends who scour social media constantly in PM & I never bothered to follow it up. They seemed pretty sure about it & I remember them quoting some stuff she said.


    • I think it’s common with many of the millennial’s. They get into this fight from the White Nationalist view point which is great, but they lose faith fast in what they see, especially since White Nationalism has been molested by the Degenerades (Renegade) and degenerates, (Alt-Right) faggots, so they lose patience and divorce the whole idea.

      I personally are not on-board with what was being discussed on some of yesterdays show, but they have their own thoughts.

      I think the most important advice I have for Evalion, Gadsden, among other Millennial’s, is have patience. Many of us have been in this fight since we were younger than they are now and have seen improvements, but it takes time. So don’t give up on White Nationalism just yet. And in saying that, I mean the true White Nationalism, such as Rockwell’s template.


      • Yes I hear what you’re saying but Evalion’s flip sounded more like a complete reversal of all her views to me! Just seems a bit suspect especially when she came out of nowhere & made such a splash with all her Hitler & jew stuff on Youtube. Maybe she’s just a flaky person I guess. She’s definitely not someone anyone her age should be looking up to as a good example!

        Agreed on the Alt-Right “faggots” as you call them. That whole thing was suspect from Day 1! We’ll have to agree to disagree on Renegade though. I understand by a few comments I’ve seen here that you’ve had some personal grievances with the people involved there & it’s not my place to comment on that. However I find the Renegade Tribune is a great source of material from many different contributors with different viewpoints which I personally enjoy. European history is something I’ve invested a lot of time in & there are some good discussions there on that topic.

        Anyway thanks for the reply & your input. I tend to take in & analyze the more astute parts of what everyone’s saying & not get involved or take sides in any petty personality clashes that unfortunately seem to plague the online side of this field of information. Keep it up & have a nice day/evening 🙂


    • Nope, all rumors from the Gayde about her being commie and disavowing racism, she just feels that Germany would’ve been more effective if they used Strasser’s platform instead of Hitler’s Platform. I don’t agree with a lot of what Evalion and other Strasserists believe, but since this is Where Thought is Free, I think we should give Strasserists a say as long as they have good intentions and want to preserve our volk.


      • I see. I can only assume by “Gayde” you mean Renegade. My source of info was from a couple of friends via social media who knew of Evalion’s presence online but I don’t think they know much about Renegade. I mentioned the Tribune to them once & they’d never heard of it at that stage. I think quite a few people got interested in the literary information on the Tribune via other sources than Renegade’s broadcasting side. I personally found it after someone who had read Mike King’s books passed on a link. I’ve never listened to their radio shows.


      • I found nothing wrong with the Tribune itself. I found everything wrong with the people that run it, such as Kyle and Sinead. When they start using family members as leverage, all bets are off.

        Some of the authors of the Tribune have been great. I have no reason to lie.

        I think your comments here Max, are very fair by the way.


    • yes, would be intelligent if we can engage in inquisitive & informed dialogues that potentially could better our world & future,
      and engages the young people on this planet en masse ,
      rather then bow to ‘someone told me’-argumentation


  3. i don’t see any other network besides WTFradio that has open & uncensored dialogue in their radio shows & chatroom. in it’s 5months on air existence (!) it proved to attract young & older warriors to combine intelligent forces and clear out the bs on our dear planet, without asking for donations nor to follow anyone’s party line. ie it’s a followers-free zone . and that nowadays is precious!


  4. This Evalion sounds very young.. She will flip several times on things as she experiences the world. I encourage her to understand having a black as a neighbor will eventually backfire one way or another. There are so many predictable scenarios which will occur. She can get on the fast track by reading Duke’s “My Awakening” which covers the actual differences blacks have physically and mentally. Even their souls may perhaps be something you don’t want to take your chances with them.


  5. To Evalion: you have to think again your new stance. People that have never been informed about the differences between races (aside of ‘skin color’, ie IQ, propensity to violence…)have an excuse to be ‘commies’, you don’t have an excuse (new boyfriend is not a good one). Sadly, your change gives credit to Anglin’s theories about women (‘natural leftists’, no self-ideology, just follow a given strong man…).
    You can’t extrapolate/equalize euro-asianism with euro-africanism: Caucasians and Asians have a similar IQ therefore cohabitation (that leads to race mixing) doesn’t degrade the species IQ, as shown by ‘mixed’ Russians that are highly intelligent. Dear Evalion: African Blacks’ IQ is avg. 68, American ‘Blacks'(mulatoes)avg. IQ is 85. Do the math.
    (and no, Evalion isn’t just being ‘Strassian’ dhr is clearly ‘not caring’ about multi-racial cohabitation).
    If whites become low IQ browns, it wouldn’t matter the economics system (by the way majority brown/negroid communism = Venezuela or Cuba: it won’t work no matter IF communism were a good system (which is not) because negroids societies don’t work.
    Somebody get a new boyfriend to Evalion.


    • That wasn’t her boyfriend on-air if that’s what you are implying. And I don’t see what her new boyfriend has to do with the way she see’s life. I’ve never heard of her being swayed either way by who she is going out with. From what I understand, she’s always had her own mind.


      • I didn’t mean I believed Gadsen was her bf; her previous bf was a German (when she was a ‘Nazi’), now shw has a commie bf, and oh surprise, she suddenly is no more pro-white, economics (communism)is more important…
        BTW: I think Sinead (if she is not a countelintpro) cares so much about ‘whites’ from following Kyle, this weighting more in their relationship than her ulterior feminist influence in him. Anglin is (not totally but in essence) right.


      • This is not about the messenger, this is about the message right? Attack her message by all means, but if you insist to make this yet another drama fest, you’re fucking gone. Got it?


      • Actually my intention is not to attack Evalion but to make her come to her senses since I think she is a valuable asset. Maybe I came too harsh, she is too young after all.


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