The jews Tell Us of Their Sob Stories

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Moira Goldplatinumstein:

Oy! I remember when we were pushed…thousands at a time…pushed into a small 3 foot by 3 foot room. And the guards told us we were going to take a shower to “clean up”. We were all so nervous because we knew it was the shower room of death we had heard about. So they shoved 8 thousand women and children into this 1 foot by 1 foot room and turned on the “faucets”. And you know what? Water came out of the shower heads. We were lucky that time since all of my relatives and their relatives, friends and other friends were mercilessly gassed with delousing pellets by those evil bastards. Oy vey!

Agnes Sheckelburg

“I remember being on a train to Berchanwald-Bergen-Beltzen. There were no less than 250,000 people stuffed into each rail car. We couldn’t breathe…and the people were pooping themselves standing up because we couldn’t move. When we arrived at the camp the guards pulled us off the train by our arms so hard most people’s arms were ripped from their bodies. The rest were disemboweled right on the train to show how powerful the Naht-zeez were…..”

Doreen Shlepowitz

“My aunt had her eyes gouged out with an “eye-gouging-out” machine. Then she was experimented on by Dr. Mengele where he pulled her small intestine out through an incision in her side and roasted it over a fire pit. When they realized she was still alive they used their skull-crushing machine to bash her head until her brains oozed out….they then used them for Christmas decorations in the mess hall…”

Morty Jewprickbastardberg does bloopers about the 250,000….




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