Brigid’s Readings w/ Brigid 2017-05-09

On this edition of Brigid’s Readings Brigid reads:

  • ZOG’s last-trench justice
  • Russia invites the West to get real
  • China challenges the dollar’s hegemony
  • Let defenders of their homelands not have died in vain
  • U. S. Senate attempts to place Jews above the law
  • German refugees love new life in Hungary
  • What’s the real purpose behind ‘fake news’ propaganda?
  • Beijing factories forced to shut down over air pollution
  • IRS throws In the towel
  • Sordid history of the Rothschild royalty
  • 100 Years ago was like what we see now
  • Chicago whites 1966 Uprising
  • What works best in the real world
  • Immobilizing orderly government by instigating anger


Music played on:  Tuesday, 9 May 2017

——– ——
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09:00:12 bump Brigid\Enya – Only Time (Official Music Video).wav
09:58:20 bump Brigid\Mozart – Requiem.wav

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