The Mentally Ill Renegade Broadcasting Never Learn

Ladies and Gents, if you are a person that is not into drama, then ignore this post.  I wouldn’t usually place these pieces here, but this is an important one.

Renegade never cease to amaze me with their antics, but sometimes they go WAY too far and it pisses me off to no end.  Not only have they and/or their lackies accused me of making a “rape joke” but they also get off on attacking Ladies in their later years.  I won’t get into detail, but Brigid contacted me via email, very upset with certain things that have been said about her, coming out of Sinead over at Renegade.  It’s really nothing new from Sinead (the low down skank), but I’ve done my best to console Brigid.

We have to expose every network that is toxic to the movement.  And Renegade is DEFINITELY one of them.  They have become a detriment to White Nationalism and European Strength.

Not only did they bring my Daughter into the argument between us, which is the lowest one can go, but they ALSO pick on Ladies in their later years.

I would usually say, “You should be ashamed of yourself Renegade” but I can’t say that to those that have no heart, nor shame.


Listen below Ladies and Gentlemen.



14 thoughts on “The Mentally Ill Renegade Broadcasting Never Learn

  1. The first thing that popped in my mind with that comment about the pill was a joke about sinead sleeping around, not being raped. Even if and i mean if you indeed made a rape joke, they have no room to talk as they have made a pizzagate pedophile accusation on you for eating hotdogs. Sinead and Kyle are truly filth, accusing you of pedophilia as stated earlier, accusing me of being a drug junkie and many other things, accusing michelle of being a tranny and calling feds, accusing evalion of being a prostitute and many other things, accusing scott roberts of being a fed, accusing many others as well of being this or that as well.
    Btw, i think we should create a documentary about them, hell ill even try to recruit help from people who were slandered by the degenerates at renegade and do anything i can to help

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  2. I am here for all you listeners, and promise never to let Renegade cost me another restless night. Mean people suck, eh. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names………lol.


    • Don’t worry Brigid, I plan to take them to task tomorrow in my show. And you aren’t the only one who was been attacked viciously by the sewer rats at renegade. a lot of people including myself have been the victim of defamation by those degenerates and one day they’ll meet their karma.


  3. Sinead is a proffesional liar, ask her again if she shagged the celtic rebel lol……………

    If it talks and acts like a jew it might as well be a jew…………

    like president trump did a 180 on campaign trump, so sinead has forced renegade into 180’s since her ‘comeback’ , betraying what it stood for.


  4. Kyle Hunt can’t help showing his true colors of late.
    rainbow bridged ofcourse, as predicted by Mike Sledge 3-4 years ago
    so,now Renegade Broadcasting has:
    flatearthers,homosexuals,feminists,muslims,blacks,new-ageists,transvestigators as respected GUESTS,

    Kyle Hunt literally calls it ‘Building Bridges’ (his words; ‘yeah, i’m building bridges with Pedro from Mexico)

    and then his neurotic hamster of a wife doing the other end of the op:
    a.attack every WhiteNationalist who has more impact or audience then them, with females being a prime target
    b.backstab every single previous host and chatter who disagrees with the Femenade party line
    (recently UrbanJungleGirl who asked Sinead to clarify a statement made about ww2 was told by her to ‘go fuck yourself’)
    c.stab them again, and again, and again – i mean what else can you really talk about in your prerecorded ‘podcasts’

    Wake up girl, you need help, again.
    who the fuck has their mother on for a 2hour show helping her to debunk that she is a degenerate,
    the same mother who had her put in a mental institute for 2years!
    that’s plain sick in itself!!! that’s stockholm syndrome on acid ffs

    that’s why Sinead McCarthy will never do a live show alone and take calls and debate,
    for the fear of exposing her mental illness as is exposed in the audio on ‘drama corner’ and allover the www

    yes talking about 180degree turn from what renegade once stood for,
    now on the level of A.Jones & D.Icke, causing burn out in our fighters and muddying the waters

    Kyle, you could have been a man! for years you had great male hosts supporting you,
    helping you and hoping that your balls would finally drop
    but your insecurity opted to be a slave to a trailertrash rodent….
    that’s why now you still squeak like a mouse
    Shame on you, traitor.


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