Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

I’d like to take the time to Thank our Audience.  We hear so much about the hosts and so much from the hosts, but I would really like to take the time to say Thank You, to you the listener.  Without you, we are not a network and that’s plain and simply a fact.

We here at WTFR, no matter what you may think about any given show, are here to better the world.  We’ve been lied to and are still being lied to when it comes to what the mainstream media have to say.  And don’t even get me started on the bloody governments in power today, that are puppets of an oh so obvious higher order.  YOU are fighting against this WITH us, just by listening and especially when you’re spreading the message.

Those of you that have become vocal and are speaking about what we have to say in the open, are a very unique group of people.  Small as you may be, you are VERY unique and albeit I am not superstitious, nor do I believe in fate or destiny, I do believe you are here for a reason.  I can’t explain it and probably won’t ever be able to explain it, but some of us are just able to grasp something that MANY other people are not.  Some people may get what is happening, but can’t get the courage to spread the word or just speak out about it for whatever reason.  I’m not going to frown on them necessarily because what is easier for some, is just downright paralyzing for others.  This is not say it doesn’t piss me off sometimes as I am sure it does some of you.

We’re in tough times, “where telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and this doesn’t make it easy for those of us that ARE unique to the fight, or even those of us that don’t want to speak out.  But we’re all here speaking about it, or listening to it.  And more importantly, learning from it.

Some of the shows here may be extreme and this is because the world is in extreme times.  Unprovoked wars, out of control porn, same sex marriage, transexuality, homosexuality, pedophilia and the list goes on.  Just outright death, destruction and the lowest of degeneracy we have ever seen.

I look at the fact that we have been here for such a small time and in our recorded history, we have become so low, so fast.  Extreme times invite extreme measures and some of those measures, such as the way some of us broadcast might not be attractive, but angry attracts angry and that’s why you are here with us.  You might not know how to voice your anger at all times, but we sure can, right here for you at WTFR.

Our numbers are ever growing.  This last couple of weeks alone has been more valuable than ever and finally even our Australian Audience is taking flight.  I’m very happy to see that my fellow Aussies are getting on board to become a part of the fight.

So Thank You brave souls and warriors for being a part of what WTFR see’s as the biggest fight White Western Civilisation may ever see.  The fight for White Western/European Man to survive.  Don’t forget we were a 27-28% White Planet back in the late 1940’s and 50’s and now we’re a mere 8%.  So it truly is a fight for White Western Man.  And you’re helping fight for it!


Shaun / Surplus and WTFR


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