TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-05-04

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • WAIFU and the Alt-Right links and degeneracies
  • Disney porn from people that think it’s OK
  • Massacres around the world and the statistics
  • American History X exposed
  • Mental health patients strapped, held down in Australian public hospitals, report reveals – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Keeping the faith_ Tony Burke on equality, childhood unionism and mid-week jam sessions – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • World’s deadliest mushroom outnumbering edible varieties in Victoria – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Catholic Education directing taxpayer funds away from poor schools_ draft report – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • SA Power customers to miss blackout compensation as supplier claims ‘force majeure’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Ballarat university student dies of meningococcal disease – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Victoria Police should face new case over racial profiling of African men, lawyer says – RN – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • ‘We’re so far behind’_ Canada unprepared for housing needs of rising senior population – Business – CBC News
  • Ottawa scrambles to find housing for influx of Syrian refugees – The Globe and Mail (This is why housing is so short for elderly)
  • Russian website broadcast live pictures of Cape Breton schoolchildren – Nova Scotia – CBC News


Breaks played on:  Thursday, 4 May 2017

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