Premier Edition of Brigid’s Readings here on WTFR

**This is the first episode of the show that Brigid has ever done live, so we had some technical difficulties with Skype.  I should have tested things with her before hand to make sure everything was a go.  You can easily skip to the 22 minute mark to pass by the music if you want to get straight to the part where Brigid is reading..*

On this premier edition of Brigid’s Readings, Brigid reads about:

  • Jews get their cut on Girl Scout cookies
  • The Southern Perverted jew Centre
  • Thank God for diversity
  • Bundy Ranch tier-three jury in deliberation
  • Let’s turn off the reality show and get real
  • Pray for the bongo-drumming
  • Judeo-Christian” churches
  • Confessions of an ex-Trumpster
  • Undesirable NGO’s fund ISIS-linked boats to Europe

And more…


Music breaks played on:  Thursday, 4 May 2017

——– ——
08:29:00 bump Brigid\Mozart- String Quint N3 K516 1-4 Amadeus (6.1966).wav
08:30:40 bump Brigid\Loreena McKennitt – The Highwayman lyrics.wav
09:29:00 bump Brigid\Beethoven Silence.wav
09:30:40 bump Brigid\Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – OneRepublic – The Piano Guys.wav
09:59:00 bump Brigid\Enya – Caribbean Blue (video).wav

8 thoughts on “Premier Edition of Brigid’s Readings here on WTFR

    • Thanks, John. I had good material, eh. Skype was so mean to me, but you know how you, Shaun, and I are: the show must go on. Loved every moment; by reading aloud, I learn.


    • You have taught me a lot, Shield Maiden. I hope you are a steady listener and please do suggest material you would like to hear read/broadcasted/recited, whichever word is most suitable, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    • If you had not told me about that past, I would not have known. So glad you benefited from listening to yesterday’s show, and I promise not to disappoint, Gadsden


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