Brigid Joins WTFR

Hey Ladies and Gents.

Well, as you know, the previous network that some of us were a part of, (especially me, since I designed the way it runs) find it hard keeping hold of their talent.  I don’t need to wonder why that is because it’s obvious, but it plays in our favour.  Why?  I hear you ask!  Well, because quite often the hosts move on over here, knowing full well that they will be treated proper.

Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, this evil woman hating drunk called Shaun seems to attract people from everywhere, including the previous network.  In fact, he’s so evil that even his Australian audience has picked up in the last 2 weeks.  Quite amazingly in fact.  Geez, the evil bugger must be saying something right!

Alright, alright, I’ll stop playing with my food before it’s dead!  No fun.

So, Brigid has decided to come on over to WTFR and do some reading for us, so please by all means give her a warm welcome in the comments area after her first reading session.

When IS her first reading session?  Well I am glad you asked….

Brigid can be heard every morning at 8 AM in the United States, which is 10 PM in Australia.  I’m not sure if Bridge will be doing weekends yet and I hope not in some ways, because everybody needs a break, but I will leave that up to her.  Right now it’s 2:51 AM in the States and she is more than likely fast asleep refreshing herself for her first show, which airs at 8 AM this morning.  I know, I know…  We left it a bit late to tell you, but we didn’t know that she would be going live this soon.

We do hope you enjoy the new broadcast known as Brigid’s Readings and look forward to your company.

WTFR / Where Thought is Free Radio

6 thoughts on “Brigid Joins WTFR

    • I wrote an anti-feminist article about how Marital Rape was almost unheard of and not what people like Sinead were making it out to be. Kyle wrote me that day and said that Sinead wanted to debate me on her show about the article. I said yes immediately. It was at that point that Sinead flipped out as she does and said, she doesn’t want to debate me and she then proceeded with her regular name calling. I told Kyle he has no testicular fortitude and needs to calm her down in the way she behaves. He wasn’t happy with that and they called me on Skype and Sinead starts with the insults and name calling, so after I gave it to them with both barrels, they hung up on me and it was then that I quit.


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