BackLash BackLash BackLash

Gotta love the backlash and albeit I am brutal about it, I love those that deliver it.  And although I have spoken about whether all this is worth it or not, I ain’t going anywhere, so hold on to your underwear!


“Backlash is the enemy of precision….”  —  Anonymous

Ha!  I love that quote…

13 thoughts on “BackLash BackLash BackLash

  1. Where Thought Is Free.. as long as it agrees with Shaunade.

    Fuck you. Take away my link, you hypocritical, unhinged fucker.


    • Dear Bman,
      although i don’t like to meddle in disputes, I feel i should state it seems you think free thought is freedom from criticism as shaun made a few statements about most boomers and the out of touch upper-middle class. Free Thought means that you’re allowed to think and state what you think is right or wrong, including criticizing other statements. Shaun has never taken away your free thought, he only criticized your thought. And if its “Where thought is Free.. as long as you agree with Shaunade.” then why am i still here after going on about things on live radio even views he doesn’t agree with such as combating climate change, proper taxation, installing fascism, and other views we butt heads on. Since I like you Bman and you do make good content, i think you should snap out of it and talk things out with Shaun in private when you are in a calmer state of mind.
      just my two cents. Even if he takes an action you dont agree with, remember this is private website owned by Shaun Surplus, if he wanted to go as far as censoring me for my views, he legally could as its private property. If you aren’t going to take my advice and you are going to continue to whine about the actions the network owner decides to take and the criticism he chooses to give, then I hope the door doesn’t hit you in the ass when you take your leave

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  2. Cheers lads. Everything is good. The wheat needs to be separated from the chaff and as we see here, it does it all by itself on the most part.

    I’ve already had 2 emails and 1 Skype message about how full of shit BMan is. “Typical Boomer not facing up to his shit” is what one of the messages wrote…

    To the person who wrote that, please write your message here so that BMan gets a gist of what a perfect example of a Boomer he is.


    • LOL! Boomer man suites him right! calls younger people snowflakes, then when something triggers him, YARGHHHHHHHH, “Shaun made fun of boomers” “He’s Alienating us”. Boomer Man proves my point that we need to not aim for older crowds but instead mostly aim for the millenials and generation z as the white youth are the most right wing generation since the “greatest generation” that gave birth to the boomers. and also the youth will be able to handle the fighting when SHTF and we are forced to literally take our countries back. even though millenials and gen z’ers arent perfect either

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  3. I’ve noticed that those holy men that claim they never hit a women are not saying that to impress YOU, they’re saying it to impress OTHER WOMEN (oh look how noble I am, I’m White Knight riding on white horse!). But if in real life woman, who they love all of their heart cheats on them whatever reason, they might even beat her to death, not to mention just hitting.

    Or they are just little cucks without backbone. There are too many Hollywood movies where “strong women” can do whatever they like, hit their men, kick them in their balls, etc, who take it like little bitches and save world from evil to get their wives back and people are influenced by that, would they like admit it or not, even on subconscious levels. I am not defending any kind of violence, physical or verbal, I’m defending HONOR (which is almost relic these days).

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    • Gday Freddie.
      I agree mostly with your post presented. Yes that’s right, due too several days contemplating this issue I have done a 360 regarding my thoughts to this matter. And for that matter if I was in the same situation that Shaun wqs in my reaction would have been the same. Well people there’s one of those “wow” and “wtfk” moments in time.. Cheers!

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  4. ..awwww…you got me all fired up and now I’ve recorded myself in a one hour rant!!!

    Will I send it in??? I really should!!! There’s some good gems in there!!!

    But seriously, there are many who are just not up for the fight, and there are equally just as many dimwits being marched into a ditch to be shot in the back of the head, all while proffessing to be standing for what we are standing for(following specifically the Alt Right and other ineffective wannabe hard-asses who hope to make a living not working with their hands, but rather whining with their mouths).

    What will I do with this .mp4 file of my own voice….?


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