TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-04-27

On this edition of TCTA Unleashed, Shaun speaks about the Baby Boomers at great length.  He wants to hear many apologies from those Boomers that continue their charade about how they did NOTHING wrong, because, because and because and because…

He then speaks about the alt-kike (alt-right) and how they are no different to the kikes themselves.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

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10 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-04-27

  1. thanks for opening the braincells regarding the babyboomer generation,
    ‘tolerance’ seems to be the biggest moral ‘achievement’ of the boomers,
    which gave birth to the current crop of social-justice warriors and their offspring,
    aka the false victimization syndrome fuckheads.

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  2. Personally, I think the focus is too narrow and will likely alienate ppl who are in the same battle as you.. Not that the generation isn’t complicit, but it certainly isn’t a monolith as you seem to indicate.

    Offered, not in attack, but as a fan.


    • I’m not indicating that it is a monolith. It may have been once but not so much now. The damage has been done. The generation is indeed complicit and they need to at very least be responsible for their past actions, that have, as B52 rightly put it, given birth to the current crop of SJW’s. The boomers helped destroy what White Western Civilisation once was and could have been and today they put their noses in the air as if it wasn’t their fault. It was and they need to recognise that. People cannot get away with fucking things up again and again and again and then pretending they had no part in our destruction.

      We need to remember, that kids are parrots and those parrots are going to be our future. Do we want them to parrot this arrogant boomer behaviour or do we want them to walk a better path?

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      • I am from the deep south of the USA. One of the strongholds of conservative/constitutional values.This was the area fighting against integration and federal over reach. They are the people who raise their children most conservatively and hardly as SJW’s. Those ppl (and me, since I hit the tail end of the group) are technically “Baby Boomers” because it relates to time, not intent. Most of these ppl are poor, not even middle class, but are still technically baby boomers.

        There are so many shades of gray within that group, that it is unproductive, in my opinion, to lump them all together.


      • I think you need to go back and listen to the show. I did say that it’s not all of them.

        The people you are talking about, do NOT make up the majority of the Boomers around the world. Albeit that the Wiki seems to make an oh so new claim that it has something to do with culture, it does not, in my opinion. The Baby Boomers came out of young couples at the time of war, knowing that the the man of the family may not return for a long time, if at all, so they all started having babies left, right and center. It had nothing to do with culture initially at very least. Maybe it does now under the “new age” movement, but it didn’t once.

        With all due respect BMan, this sounds more to me like, “I’m one of them, so it can’t be true” syndrome. It’s almost a reversal to the “I don’t care about donating to Cancer until I get it” type people. Remember Michael J. Fox? Never had an interest in Parkinson’s Disease and then he gets it and soon after makes a foundation based on curing it. Same type of deal as the “he’s talking about me, because I am a boomer, so I don’t agree…”

        If you’re the type of Boomer that didn’t do a thing to fight off communism, Marxism and the oh so evident in your face invasion coming out of Judaism as a whole, then you deserve to have to look in the mirror and confess that to yourself. If you’re the type of Boomer that knew what was happening and did something. Then you have nothing to feel ashamed of.

        So the question is BMan. Did you fight for what was right at the time we, your youth, most needed you? And that’s not a question I am asking you, that’s a question you should be asking yourself.

        If I was able to work out what was happening at age 17, (younger in fact but 17 was when I joined the fight for White Western Man) then the Boomers could have has well. And they most often did, but they did nothing about it. Poor, middle class, rich, in the end there are no excuses. I grew up with a Single mother that had no money and even had to spin wool and knit jumpers for us so that we could remain warm and I think that’s part of what motivated me to stay outside of the Boomer mentality. Class really doesn’t have anything to do with it as a whole in my opinion, but seeing what I have seen over the years, I do believe that Dr. Pierce is right about the middle class. They were by far the worst of them all.


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  3. Shaun,

    Anyone listening to that show will come off with the same understanding that I did. You did lump them all together multiple times in the show. I didn’t imagine it. You did it on Dinosaur News, as well. Worse, you kept equating the baby boomers with middle class, as if they are the same (the Monolith I was discussing). Sorry, but that is off base. Come to Mississippi next time you are in the states and I’ll introduce you to a bunch of them.

    I am simply telling you that I know a lot of baby boomers that do not equate to your rhetoric. A lot. Not a couple.

    Take it or leave it, but it is true.

    I suggest that if you don’t want to alienate those fighters you need for the fight you say you are fighting, honey works better than vinegar. If you just don’t care, then you just eliminated a huge potential ally.

    You need them more than you need the young ones who don’t know shit from shinola.

    Here is the rub: The middle class and the baby boomers are not the same thing, Shaun. Hence, where you missed the mark, imo.

    Oh, and I am middle class, as well. Yet I have been fighting this in one way or another a long as you have. I worked for 35 years to get here. No one, not a single person, gave me shit. I earned my way through school and have worked my ass off ever since. I started off “shack with a tin roof” poor. Almost died many times due to lack of meat and other poor people problems. I know poverty.

    Virtually every metric you used in this show, I am proof of the opposite.

    If this is true about me, could it be true about many other Boomers?

    BTW: I feel the same about ppl who bash and demean Christians. Whether or not I am a Christian, alienating them while this fight is occurring is just stupid. Its one of the things I called renegade on.

    It just seems to me that we need allies. Especially white fighters like the ones I know who stood up during the integration era. Beattie can reach them, but not if we intentionally do everything we can to alienate them.

    Food for thought. Thanks for listening.

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    • This is something we are going to have to agree to disagree on Bman. You are asking me to ally myself with those that helped in our downfall mate and that’s a plain and simple fact.

      The middle class WERE and still are on the most part detrimental. The baby boomers WERE and still are detrimental. The middle class baby boomers, still don’t get it.

      Just because a group of your friends happen to be one or both and happen to be “the good ones”, does not make the rest of them OK.

      Sorry mate, I cannot agree. You’re assuming I have never met any of them, even though I have traveled most of Australia and some of America on foot, train and plane.

      I welcome you as a person, into my home because I can already tell you are a good man, and I welcome your lady without even having met or knowing anything about her, because of reading what you have to say, (in other words your family is welcome into my life) but I cannot abide the Boomer Bastardship.

      It takes a man to admit that his mother is one of them. Trust me, my mother is one of them.


      • My Mother was born in 1942 Germany. She was raised during the aftermath of that war which devastated her country/family. Few men lived to tell of it. My Oma told me plenty.

        I am not asking you to ally with the whole group, while at the same time I am asking you to not alienate the very ones that are naturally your friend.

        Why is it all or nothing with this issue?

        My wife is a descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Her grandmother takes pride in this connection. Her Mom did too.

        I could introduce you to people that marched for segregation who are baby boomers. You are willing to dump them together with the others?

        It is a bad strategic move, in my estimation, But, I am willing to agree to disagree.


      • Wait a minute. Now you’re pissing me off. Don’t fucking accuse me of something I ain’t doing man. These Boomers that marched for segregation are not the Boomers I am talking about and and you fucking know it! Are you daft or are you deliberate in this?

        I said, that not ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL fucking Boomers are lumped into the same group.

        Take it or fucking leave it. I ain’t your bitch.


      • You’re every indication in those broadcasts were that ALLLLLLL fucking Boomers are doing what you say.

        I am saying it ain’t fucking true.

        If you disagree, then so fucking what? You want to treat every person as an enemy.. I offer this as constructive criticism and you fly off the god damned handle.

        Free thought?

        You hypocrite.


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