Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-04-25

**DISCLAIMER:  On this edition of Random Hours, the intro repeats in the 2nd hour.  Please ignore this, as we are in the process of re-writing some new scripts that will trigger a schedule change during the show**

On this edition of Random Hours, Gadsden talks about:

  • Jews admit hating the goy
  • The emasculating of our white men
  • Alphabet agencies and their antics
  • Universities believe bestiality to be virtuous
  • Hitler attacked by jew teacher as usual
  • Yet another pedo escapes prison time
  • Preserving the rural/country way of life
  • Gods “chosen people” are the spawn of demons
  • Making a billion off your credit score (guess who)
  • Don’t trust kosher politicians
  • WTFR ditches the dongle and has official Internet
  • The America that the Founding Fathers wanted
  • Anger is a natural emotion and now is the time
  • Cannabis legalisation, peaceful protest and the munchies
  • Muslims being as bad as the judiac filth

And more…



Breaks played:  Tuesday, 25 April 2017

——– ——
22:14:00 bump RandomBreaks\Rock & Roll Party Mix – Jive Bunny.wav
22:15:40 bump RandomBreaks\Whole Lotta Shakin’ – Jerry Lee Lewis.wav
22:29:00 bump RandomBreaks\Do You Wanna Dance – The Deltones.wav
22:30:40 bump RandomBreaks\Peggysue – Buddy Holly.wav
22:44:00 bump RandomBreaks\Rave On – Buddy Holly.wav
22:45:40 bump RandomBreaks\Runaway – Del Shannon.wav
22:57:20 bump RandomBreaks\Lovers Mix – Jive Bunny.wav
22:59:00 bump RandomBreaks\Beatles Medley – Partymix.wav
23:14:00 bump RandomBreaks\That’s What I Like – Jive Bunny.wav
23:15:40 bump RandomBreaks\Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley.wav
23:29:00 bump RandomBreaks\Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison.wav
23:30:40 bump RandomBreaks\Do You Wanna Rock – Jive Bunny.wav
23:44:00 bump RandomBreaks\Chantily Lace – Big Bopper.wav
23:45:40 bump RandomBreaks\Everyday – Buddy Holly.wav
23:57:20 bump RandomBreaks\Supremes Medley – Partymix.wav
23:59:00 bump RandomBreaks\Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino.wav

3 thoughts on “Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-04-25

  1. Disclaimer to the audience: To clarify so trolls don’t accuse me of promoting bestiality without listening and only reading description, I was talking about how universities talk about why they think bestiality has “virtue” to show how universities are dumbing down our people.


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