Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-04-23

**  The usual audio problems come with RBN but Robert kicks arse as always, even under pressure…  Don’t press stop during the silent parts, it does come back…  **

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob talks about:

  • People wanting to keep their identities anonymous
  • Clip 25:  Trump speaks about giving power back to the American workers
  • Everybody in this field being called agents and all of us suffering in some way
  • The demonisation of the European stock and invasion of White Civilisation
  • Clip 6:  The Saudis and their war on Yemen
  • Clip 8:  Trump, the Italian Prime Minister & the migrants
  • Rob speaks about how it’s crazy that Trump throws Italy under a bus
  • Clip 14:  Radicalised children in France schools & the Turkey election
  • Peace keepers in Sri Lanka operating in a child sex ring
  • Robs producer had chilli the night before and needed to run for a bit
  • Russians hack democrats plans to cheat in general elections
  • Israel benefits from the bombing of Syria & Ivanka’s Role
  • Technical difficulties with RBN so Rob is winging it and doing well
  • Solar storm reported may be preps for Gotham Shield (simulation)
  • Clip 11:  Trump is trying to do so many things to turn back the evil
  • Clip 12:  Preparing to collapse the economy just as the bankers do
  • Clip 18:  **DISLAIMER – This may be fake news**
  • Clip 19:  Rebel Media – Mr. Mohammad shooting might be a hoax
  • Clip 9:  Alex Jones is a performer and tries to deny it
  • Clip 10:  Make the Jones case legitimate but keep the audience Jonesatized
  • Clip 2:  The new mastercard with the censor for the fingerprint
  • Clip 4:  Operation/Exercise Neptune Falcon



One thought on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-04-23

  1. Thank You, Shaun … and Please
    Keep Posting Robert’s Show, I especially enjoy you listing the highlights/topics…

    The elites are driving all whites in western civilizations into the ground, simply in obedience to their Jewish masters who have either bribed them or blackmailed them!

    The scheduling of white vs. white fights in the streets of America(or anywhere) by pied pipers like Richard Spencer, Gavin McGinnis, Lauren Southern, on behalf of Ann Coulter or faggot Milo can ONLY result in the Jews, and their political puppets, moving quickly for total DISARMAMENT of all whites!

    The enemy of the governed is the government, not ignorant or unlearned 20-something spoiled sheltered brats who spew populist talking points like pseudo-ideologues! I have no sympathy for those baited to show up to scripted agitation events in hopes violence will break out…there is no political solution to be found among those who lack either morals or self-restraint.

    Self determination, breaking the bonds we supposedly have between the government and the governed is where It’s at; whites killing whites, having been wound up by those Jews who hijacked our education system, rewrote our history books, and have defined the got button ‘issues’ they’re all quick to fight for or fight against is a shallow response and will never remove the evil scum from power or place, which is the only thing that will provide relief.

    Keep giving us relative and cutting edge news and events, so we can debate and pursue wise and prudent action that will do more than shake the tree!


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