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Hey Ladies and Gents.

Just yesterday on Beatties show, he and I were talking about Australia and whether or not people are waking up.  I was speaking about how in 2017, whilst indeed people are waking up more than ever before, they are not waking up as much as I would like them to be, given that we are so far into this fight for White Western Civilisation.  What I should have said, was that people are probably waking up, faster than I may think, but they keep it to themselves

As many of you know, I have moved house recently and I’ve had many workmen coming and going to do some work on the house at the request of the landlord and I have to say that each and every one of them that have struck up some conversation are thinking very much along the lines that you and I do.  A few things here and there that we may differ on, but nothing enough to divide us as white people.

One particular gentlemen and myself got into conversation as to why our governments are absolute morons to be bringing peoples from undesirable countries into our White Western Worlds.  It’s evident to see these people do not wish to assimilate and even if they did, why would we need them here in the first place, when Australia is able to function on it’s own without foreign interference?  The White Australia Policy was proof of this and it was also proof that when something like itself is abolished, we see turmoil and havoc all around the country.

Before the White Australia Policy was obliterated trade to other countries was good, self produce was great and there was no reason to have foreign people come here.  It wasn’t until the League of Nations (now known as the United Nations) along side the Menzies, Holt and even the Whitlam governments got involved that we found ourselves in trouble.  And we all know who leads the United Nations.  Some people would argue that the Whitlam government had nothing to do with the abolition of the White Australia Policy but I have no idea where they get their information, given that both mainstream and alternative information sources show that it was the Whitlam government that sealed the deal after Menzies and Holt had set the playing field.

In any case, White Australians are indeed waking up and I do believe that it has a lot to do with the fact that we do have these political allies working underground to help people see what is really taking place.  LUDU’s (Legal Underground Defense Units) as John Beattie puts it, are watching over us and making sure that we get the full picture, rather than half a story that comes out of the mainstream (lame stream) media.  Pretty much what we are doing here on WTFR, except we are doing it in public for the world to hear.

It’s been refreshing to have a next door neighbour that is switched on to what is happening to our beautiful Australia and it’s been just as refreshing to have these work lads coming into the house and sharing the same sentiments that we also have here at WTFR.  Very refreshing indeed and it has reestablished in me that feeling of a coming victory, not just for Australia but for all of White Western Civilisation, even though some people are not yet ready to discuss it in public or perhaps ready to discuss it with other people.  Just having them know what they know and recognising that Australia is in dire need of an overhaul is enough for the time being, because when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan, they will have readied their minds for what needs to be done.


4 thoughts on “More, More and More

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  2. Hi Shaun, been following your show for a while now and wanted to ask your thoughts on the immigration to Australia in the 50 and 60’s (Greek, Italian, German, Polish ect.). Did they affect this country in a negative or positive way? What are your thoughts on these people in general?



    • Hi Harry. I’ve spoken about how the Italians, Greeks, Germans etc, (any peoples of white western civilsation pretty much) have helped build Australia over the years. My beef is not with these white cultures and races because we all have many things in common. It’s these third world mud pits that shouldn’t be here. I even have a break about it that runs during the broadcast occasionally. Listen carefully for it during the shows. Cheers for listening.


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