Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-04-18

**WTFR does not necessarily agree with any particular point the Random Hours host has to say**

On this edition of Random Hours, Gadsden speaks about:

  • The Syrian attack and where Israel stands in it all
  • North Korea and how they are lied about often
  • ANTIFA being unstable and how they cause problems
  • Trump and all of his jewish ties including family
  • Russia being a big pain in the ass for Israel
  • Homosexuals are demonic perverted beasts
  • Assad should not be attacked even if he really did gas
  • Gassing the jew within ourselves
  • “HOLY SHIT!”  jews and their role in antisemitism
  • Girl gets smashed by Damingo the Flamingo
  • Our people have become lazy hence why Mexicans hired
  • Why we need to be National Socialists in a new society
  • Fat sodomite with child and animal porn spared from jail
  • We goy are angry goy and we are pissed off
  • Red Bull boss says that mass migration is wrong
  • Deaths in Whales having dire consequences
  • Treating the earth the same way as grandparents
  • Child trafficking in Britain reaches record high
  • If the truth is racist then all well and Heil Hitler

1488:  “We must secure the existence for our people and a future for white children.”  Heil Hitler


Music played on:  Tuesday, 18 April 2017

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6 thoughts on “Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-04-18

  1. Great show, Gadsen, finally had time to listen.
    Alex Jones is like his jewish wife said; ‘a performance artist’. And the biggest sellout on the planet.
    He keeps on raving for years ‘the global elite have secret life extension technology’
    and then backs out and covers the ass of James Alefantis (“J’aime les enfants” =’ I love the children’),

    these mental-fucks like A.Jones – D.Icke – K.Hunt, they’r children of Hollywood
    they talk the talk with their confusing mixed messages but these new-age cryptos,
    never walk the walk:
    A.Jones – covering Alefantis
    D.ick e – blahblahblah…lizard people!
    Schizo Sinead – blahblahblah ‘you’re a jewish shill if you don’t believe in my FlatEarth theory’
    K.Hunt – ‘let’s invite Dorkey’s friend Cynthia McKinney on the show, she might pull some more audience/money, after my 7 seconds Aipac bullhorn ‘protest’ didn’t pull any’

    and if you noticed all of them are SCARED TO DEATH to discuss
    or have a dialogue about their statements.
    The Jones will scream you down and hang up on you,
    D.ick-e will get all crypto english and ‘spiritually more advanced then you’

    Shaun Surplus respectfully tried to debate Sinead FlatEarth McCarthy on her views on feminism,
    no suck luck, they kicked him off the Femenade Broadcasting,
    (now full of women fighting with eachother & beta-males sucking up to them)
    and afterwards kept stabbing him in the back,
    Scot Roberts wanted to debate…no such luck, instead a barrage of ridicule was unleashed on him,
    just to avoid a good old roundtable discussion….

    and that’s how they will be remembered. Schizos & Cowards.
    we will find a place for them…..Madagascar!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Right on the money B, but they didn’t fire me, I quit. Then they fired me. LOL. After I made a statement to the audience, in which I included, “I am finished with Renegade”, Kyle went into his chatroom and said, “Well Renegade is finished with you Shaun”, even though he was left in dismay when I initially shut everything down…” He asked in Skype, “Oh you’re done?” As if I was going to be insulted by his master, (Sinead. He is her hound. See the end of From Dusk Til Dawn, where Sinead is telling Kyle, that he will be her slave and lick the dog shit from her boot) and then continue working for them. Sleepless nights and all. They really do have something wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hahaha!
    yeah i do remember you’re saying you were leaving them,
    followed by the avalanche of insults ,
    spearheaded by the missus ofcourse who needed new material for her show, because let’s be honest: without backstabbing Sinead has no show at all, nothing to talk about!
    unless one thinks Flat Earth,Transvestites & Period Blood are that important to keep podcasting.
    (yep, she’ll never do live show for the fear of: http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/6rue0al6r2/WOW.mp3

    fact is, she still acts out as if she is still in that ‘reform asylum’ her own parents put her for 2 years.
    She’s is damaged goods, sadly so, and Kyle should leave her, he clearly can’t handle her,
    at present he is a total insult to WN,
    like a barometer, his manhood is leaking away, day after day, the new-age fool on the hill,
    his balls are squeezed so tight by his watchdog that now he’s literary whispering on every single show…by the end of the year we will only hear ‘squeak…squeak’ ,
    or indeed ‘lick…lick’,

    maybe he has one last shot to come clean,
    right now he has to choose: Truth or Pussy

    Liked by 1 person

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