Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-04-16

**At the introduction and during this show, there was a little silence, but RBN soon brings it back to speed**

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Robert speaks about:

  • Being rough on Trump for good reason
  • Clip 18:  The attack on Syria (very fast, listen close)
  • Jason A does a video on Kushner on YouTube
  • Black savages stealing from Asians & Australians
  • Clip 16:  Impeaching the President for what took place
  • Zionist people realising that nefarious jews are attacking
  • Clip:  Mind control, Spicer & Assad
  • Clip 2:  American bankruptcy behaviours being seasonal
  • Clip 11:  Plans by the CIA happen to be from 1984-86 talk about Assad
  • April attacks all over the world ranging from Columbine to Syria
  • People training, military documents, Trump hired for collapse
  • Clip 12:  City planning and military training – Martial Law
  • Bill calls in and speaks about his disappointment in Trump
  • The Stormer and how people can get lost in translation
  • Frank in North Carolina speaks about Jones 2nd jewish wife
  • Clip 5:  Daniel Estulin & Alex Jones speaking about unstable conditions
  • Fred in Pennsylvania criticizes Rob about his clarity on subjects
  • Susie in Arkansas speaks about Bill being a good caller & April attacks
  • John calls in making all the sense in the world as he always does
  • San Diego pushing the Islamophobic crap just like Canada
  • Wess in Idaho speaks about how different races just ain’t like us whites
  • Bruce in Texas speaks about 9/11 and public myths about Nazis
  • Fred speaks about how certain individuals need to be castrated
  • Dave calls in to talk about North Korean being used as a decoy
  • Clip 13:  The Vatican & how Satanic it is – Pay for Museums in blood
  • Clip 15:  Recognising the Mary Redemption & co-redemptrix



3 thoughts on “Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-04-16

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