The WTFR Studio In Full Bloom

Hey there Ladies and Gents.

Well yesterday after South Oz Man’s show, known as Live Wire, I spoke to some of the people in the chatroom about how the move to the new house is complete, aside from a few things that still need unpacking.  I also spoke to them about how I would get a photo of the WTFR studio as soon as I had tidied up all the boxes that were lying around.  Well, it took longer than expected, as it is now almost 1 AM, but it’s done, so here it is.  The WTFR/107.9 FM studio.

You can download it, by clicking your right mouse button on it and then selecting “save picture as”, this way you will be able to see it in full screen mode and see the finer details.  The camera I used isn’t perfect at getting still shots, but I am still looking through boxes to find my other cams.

So there you have it, as promised.  This will give the hosts an idea of where their  voice goes when they join the studio via Skype.  It also gives the audience an idea of the complex setup that is used to make a fully automated studio function.

Whilst I do run a lot of it manually while I am in studio, I can set it to fully automated for the hosts in the case that I cannot be here for the show.  This way they can link into the studio, it will run the breaks, the recording, the mp3 encoding, the bumper lists that played for that show, it will copy itself to the recent shows list etc, etc, all on it’s own.

I do rather run things manually, because you just never know when there is going to be a radio fart with one of the hosts.  Being on-air is not always easy for some and occasionally they need a little help in the background to get things right, so this is why manually running the studio always wins over it being fully automated.  Being fully automated however, really does come in handy for when I am either away or just simply busy that day.

Hope you enjoyed a look into what WTFR looks like.  Don’t forget to drop a comment below, to let me know of your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “The WTFR Studio In Full Bloom

  1. wow, that’s a lot of work in a short time!
    congratulations on the new studio and it’s set-up
    (btw, that must be that ‘famous little mixing board’)


    • Yes, I originally had one for my main computer and it had it’s day, because there was line noise coming through. Peter, the gentleman that drove me across the US funded me for the new one. One model up from my last one. The only difference with this one is that it has a different display for the sfx.


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