All That’s Left

Hey Ladies and Gents.  The move is going well.  It’s been an exhausting few days but nonetheless it’s all going to plan.  The only thing I have left really is to clean the old house, get the carpets cleaned and finish putting everything in it’s place in the new house.

Whilst the first day was the worst without doubt, (13 hours of sheer hell) this last day has been a great one.  We tend to see the bad things about moving house but we don’t often see the good and I have to say, that being able to set the new house up along side my kids has been good clean family fun and it’s not taking us as long as I expected.

Anyway, we should be up and running on the network again real soon.  I will more than likely crank up the 24/7 stream on the morrow, but I won’t be doing my show as you probably expected, due to having to clean the old place so that it’s ready for real-estate inspection on my vacate date.

Once everything is setup here studio wise, unless there is a power outage, there is no reason to think that we will have any downtime when it comes to the show and in general stream-side any time soon.

Again, thanks for your patience and I will talk to you real soon.  Drop by in the chatroom and I will be in there periodically to say hello.

Cheers and cold beers.


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