Brian Ruhe Interviews Gadsden of WTFR

Brian Ruhe of and well known for his youtube interviews has Gadsden join him for a little over an hour.  The two gentlemen speak about a great many things.  Tune in below and have a listen for yourselves.



6 thoughts on “Brian Ruhe Interviews Gadsden of WTFR

    • I like Brian. He is quite knowledgeable on NS . He can be eccentric and entertains his artistic mania at times. He did a video on how his sect of Buddhism saw Adolf Hitler as an enlightened being. Very interesting how he was handed these tapes by accident of buddhist masters talking positively about Hitler. Groups look good on paper but are very hard to maintain.


  1. Good show. I did a couple shows with Brian on 911 No Planes, which the other network censored. Yet I had to put up with the girls flat earth zealotry for MONTHS. Who I was going to do a round table show with disproving the utterly ridiculous FE theory being peddled and save Guliani a few hours of time. No Viking will tell you the earth is flat.


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