Drama Corner Returns

There has been quite a bit of obfuscation lately, about the Drama Corner Ladies and Gents, so I have bought it back.  You can find it in the top menu under Show Archives and there is a new edition that I think you can enjoy.

Please keep in mind that the Drama Corner is not our main focus.  Our main focus is what you see on our main page

Cheers & enjoy…


Direct link to the new audio file…  Click HERE


7 thoughts on “Drama Corner Returns

  1. I’m a fairly new listener & enjoy some of the political content & commentary which is really all I come here for so excuse me if I just don’t get this whole drama thing. I wasn’t that interested but for lack of other current content I just went back through that Drama Corner column and it seems like you’ve been having some longterm ongoing feud & that you used to do shows at Renegade. So against my better judgement & because I had some spare time I went & checked the Renegade site to see if there was any further info and couldn’t find a thing. I generally stay away from the “seedier side” of things & just stick to the real, relevant information & I’ve seen a lot of good content coming from a few good people these days, and I have to say Renegade included. So again, I like some of the content here as I do other places but my personal opinion is that all this drama stuff just brings us bad pleasures & not really anything more especially when we hear the same thing several times over. My general feeling is that if we all put 100% effort into putting out energy that lifts us up rather than drags us down we’d be in much better place. But hey, we’re all learning all the time as we go right, including me?! Look forward to the next good political show/interview. Thanks 🙂


    • Hence why the Drama Corner is in the top menu. It’s not rocket science, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it.

      I’ve just never understood this notion that people need to tell me they don’t like what they are listening to, but keep listening to it. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. It seems some people have no self control and can’t help themselves.

      Also, I have never claimed at any point that this network is entirely political, philosophical, religious etc… It does have a Drama Element to it but nobody is tying your finger to the left mouse button to force you to listen.

      If you’re getting something from the shows as you say you are, then listen and simply don’t go near the Drama Corner. Simple.


    • Rory Grainger, tell that to Renegade they are the ones keeping this feud going. Attacking people who don’t agree with them or banning them altogether. Obviously you never bothered to listen to any of Sinead’s or Kyle’s showsbefore you made a comment like that. The act like Jews


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