Live Wire w/ South Oz Man & Guest Crystal

On this edition of Live Wire Oz and Crystal talk about how fluoridation and other chemicals in the water are affecting the brains of people world wide.  They also speak about the fact it can affect the education of children, where they once understood the constitution, but do not now.  Could this be a dumbing down?

Foods pumped up with antibiotics…

And more…


Bumps played on:  Friday, 31 March 2017

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4 thoughts on “Live Wire w/ South Oz Man & Guest Crystal

  1. Your guest seems a bit disorientated about the role the Nazi’s played if she really believes that they fluoridated their water. That was just yet another myth used to demonise Hitler and has been debunked a thousand and one times, including having been disproven by holocaust museums themselves.

    During World War II, there was a typhus epidemic taking place and the Nazis were battling to keep it out of the camps. Not just because they were trying to displace the jews, rather than dumb them down or kill them as the common jewish narrative would have one believe, but also because they themselves, did not want to end up with typhus. Fluoride, was the last thing on Hitlers mind.

    Patricia Heberer an expert on the German medical community, including Holocaust­ era experimentation, explained that she didn’t believe that they were using Fluoride at the camps for dumbing down the jews or healthy teeth.

    “Most Nazi medical experiments, she said, had two themes: new drugs and treatments for common battlefield ailments, from war wounds to typhus, or the more infamous effort to underpin Nazi racial ideas, such as Josef Mengele’s twin studies. None of the experimentation that she knows of involved fluoride — for mind control or for healthy teeth.”

    This is just one of MANY, MANY articles that have debunked this all too common myth. A myth I might add, that is usually added to websites and forums by little jew punks themselves.

    The argument has been torn down by both sides of the fence countless times. We need to look into things before we start making such claims. As I always say, “if you can’t prove something right, it’s probably wrong…”

    As for the show in general, there was some good information there and it was nice to hear a couple of people talking about something as important as this.



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