The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun and Patrick Surplus

**DISCLAIMER:  I did not cater for us to be in the studio at the same time, so there is an echo throughout the broadcast that could not be helped at the time, as we discuss.  We will cater for this next time.**

**Spoiler alert!  If you have not played Undertale, we recommend skipping the Undertale part of the broadcast.**

On this edition of the Gaming Corner, Shaun and his Son Patrick speak about a couple of games that Paddy is passionate about.  Kick back our gaming freaks, with your favourite orange juice (because my Son cannot drink alcohol) and enjoy the broadcast.


Bumps played on:  Friday, 31 March 2017

——– ——
07:14:00 bump GamingCorner\09 XMAS.wav
07:15:40 bump GamingCorner\04 Habitable Zone.wav
07:29:00 bump GamingCorner\10 STEAM.wav
07:30:40 bump GamingCorner\01004.wav
07:44:00 bump GamingCorner\Age_of_Aggression_-_Skyrim_Cover_by_Malukah.wav
07:45:40 bump GamingCorner\07 Box Cruise.wav
07:57:20 bump GamingCorner\04 Nord.wav
07:59:00 bump GamingCorner\DOOM 2016 Theme Song.wav

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