TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun Surplus & Special Guest Goodyear

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks with Goodyear about Dolby surround VS DTS.  He then speaks about:

  • Bile and Grenades failure showing itself
  • Sudan students disobeying school rules
  • Vaccines being forced on Australians


Bumps played on:  Thursday, 30 March 2017

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15 thoughts on “TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun Surplus & Special Guest Goodyear

  1. Does anybody know why Dorsey isn’t anymore a host at r.broadcasting? something to do with Aipacalypse? (and what’s the video about it talked about in the show?) Please bring back the Drama section to find about this things… Thx.


    • Hey listener. I took the Drama Corner down because it’s just extra work and besides, if you really are a “listener” I would suggest that you would know that we include a little drama in the shows these days. For instance, the time that I spoke about why Dorsey and his gay lover known as Dopetreve left Renegade.

      Cheers mate.


      • Sorry if you covered it already, I usually only listen ‘live’ (so not complete shows, while doing other things), could you please point me to the show to download and listen it more carefully(this one?)? Thx.


  2. (…and, is there a video re. Kyle not being good at the bullhorn (you talked about that I think in this show?)or were you just told about it? Thx.


  3. you ask for drama ‘Listener’, no worries, here’s a little mindbender
    i’m sure the newage-nazi K.Hunt will debunk within his giant rainbow-brain :

    Kyle & Sinead : Kinead, to help your Kin, Kin-Aid, mmm, makes sense hey,
    now, when you have the woman wear the trousers & bring in the beacon, you got :
    Sinead & Kyle : Sinyle …well, say no more! say no more!

    unless you didn’t expect the next one coming:
    ‘can’t bring the beacon home himself’-Kyle C.Hunt’ on renegate yesterday:
    ‘It’s Sinead’s birthday! Send her some love (and money) ‘


    • The Renegade Social Security Cheque. It won’t be long before there will be Renegade Food Stamps.

      I guarantee Anthony Roberts will donate a thousand bucks if he gets to kiss Grenades left butt cheek. The leftist feminist that she is and the BETA male that Roberts is. He will have to fight Batman off first though.

      Little pussy bitches, the lot of’em.


  4. While somebody posts the drama links re: Dorsey, re: Kyle video, that can shed some light on the state of the movement, I want to comment on aipac: In Kyle’s report he complains about lack of white supporters whereas there were a lot of Arabs; I think for White Nationalist the direct enemies are the Leftist Jews (pro open-borders, pro-miscegenation), not the Zionist Jews (if you don’t want Jews in your country were do you want them? obviously on their own country). This is understood by people like Amrem and Greg J.(let’s put aside the rumor that he is Gay), I think it’s obvious, leftists -in general- are the immediate foes, why waste time and confuse people with siding (even if partially) with leftists. Seems most pro-Whites get it so they don’t care much to go and protest with the Palestinians.


    • Yeah I don’t see anybody here siding with leftists, unless you’re talking about Kyle. I don’t have a clear picture.

      I’ve personally said in the past on the broadcast that I do not trust the Palestinians any more than I do the jews, but it would only be fair to balance out the playing field, so either take away Israel’s weapons or give Palestine the equal amount and then let them go at it.

      When it comes to your theory about it being leftist jews Vs Zionist jews, I don’t think you understand that it’s Zionist jews that put these ideas INTO leftist jews. This is not to say that leftist jews wouldn’t do collateral damage without their leaders but the Zionist is organised whilst the leftist jew is not.

      I treat it one way and one way only. A jew is a jew and I don’t trust one of them. And for those jews out there that are saying, “well I’m not one of those destructive jew, I’m a warm and fluffy jew”, you know what Judaism stands for, you know that it follows the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar, the Tanakh etc, so you are as good as making yourself complicit in what Judaism is doing to the world.

      We all know what pedophile means yes? So, would you label yourself a pedophile or perhaps murderer, knowing full well what it stands for? Of course not, so don’t label yourself a jew.

      “Yeah but Shaun, I don’t follow the Talmud…” OK, then Judaism says you are not a jew. And in the case that you are not following the Talmud, you probably ain’t. So stop calling yourself one.

      To all of you “little” jews out there, get out of Judaism and do the right thing whilst you still can, because when the proverbial shit comes home to roost on the proverbial fan, I doubt very much the “movement” will be taking prisoners.


  5. The Aipac disappointment may have been a flop because literally everyone of the old listenership who actually liked Renegade, have been chased off, and WN/Alt-Right activists like David Duke, Daily Stormer and TRS didn’t send anyone because they support what’s going on at Aipac (lol wtf), but because they either didn’t know about the protest, where told they’re not welcome (Matt Heimbach) or they simply didn’t want to meet a man who constantly bashes them personally on almost every podcast.
    Man erntet was man säht, as we say in Germany.


  6. White Man March was Mike Sledge’s brain child and one reason why he left the network was Kyle trying to get all the glory that comes with it. Listen their older shows! Fuck Kyle!


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