Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-03-28

On this edition of Random Hours, Gadsden speaks about:

  • Chinese, jews and sodomites being at the head of the table
  • Religious belief systems and the thought of Esoteric Nazism
  • Death sentence should be introduced for various reasons
  • Immigration should welcome whites at any time of the day
  • Women should be allowed to stay at home if they like
  • College is an indoctrinating system that braindirties
  • Gadsden goes green as was hoping Jasper would debate him
  • Bile and Grenade on the road to failure and now it’s showing
  • Superintendent calls parents racist after they say it as it is
  • Gadsden has some connection problems and we cut it short


Breaks played on:  Tuesday, 28 March 2017

——– ——
20:14:00 bump RandomBreaks\Runaway – Del Shannon.wav
20:15:40 bump RandomBreaks\Rock & Roll Party Mix – Jive Bunny.wav
20:29:00 bump RandomBreaks\Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley.wav
20:30:40 bump RandomBreaks\Lovers Mix – Jive Bunny.wav
20:44:00 bump RandomBreaks\The Great Pretender – The Deltones.wav
20:45:40 bump RandomBreaks\Splish Splash – Bobby Darin.wav
20:57:20 bump RandomBreaks\Peggysue – Buddy Holly.wav
20:59:00 bump RandomBreaks\Swing The Mood – Jive Bunny.wav

Spread it far and wide…


6 thoughts on “Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-03-28

  1. Full of fire and brimstone. I don’t agree with everything when it comes to your green ideas as you know but keep the passion lad. You’re doing well. Looking forward to your next broadcast.


  2. great Gadsen, humongous balls of fire!
    And all in all the APEPAC demonstration was a great success in that it exposed the
    WN truth-movement distractors: ‘we’re christians’ Christ Dorkey and ‘7 sec bullhorn hero’ Kyle C.Hunt for the absolute air-heads they are, confirmed by their own rainbow followers & chatters, as literally no one showed up hahahaha!. Oopsie! there goes the t-shirt sales …
    On that note apparently the schizo crypto Sinead failed her exam,
    guess one of the questions was
    ‘what is the shape of a Planet’ and
    ‘Does Michelle Obama have a penis’, or maybe
    ‘Is Evalion a WN youtube sensation’ .
    Good-riddance! swallowed up by the big ‘who gives a fuck’
    as their own megalomania turned into jealousy and failure.
    Good -riddance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • B52, that comment made my day as well. fucking lol. She claims she never has time but i guess enough time to scream at people on skype, make up rumors about anyone who pisses her off, go off into crazy recordings about period blood and flat earth,. pure hypocrisy and lies are what compose renegade. Bile the hypocritical cunt is no better, he claims his website in his own words “This is the home for honest, uncensored, and hard-hitting live radio every night” when it spouts lies often about various people and topics, censors anyone who doesn’t full kowtow to their platform such as me , shaun, beattie, etc.. and they are not hard hitting cuz they don’t go on about big tough topics instead they go off what can bring the traffic & cash. Its a pathetic network and I will play the fiddle while Renegade burns to the ground.


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