Australian Meet Up Coming Soon

Hi Ladies and Gents.

This coming June or July is going to be an interesting one.  Soon, South Oz Man of Live Wire, Jacko of Jacko’s Lantern, Jew Banker our chatroom chef and myself (Shaun) will be meeting up on a camping trip.

I’ve spoken to all of the lads and we have decided that the bicycles are going to be our choice of travel once we all meet up in Melbourne.  There are rail trails from one side of Australia to the other and Melbourne is not lacking.  It has plenty of trails that we can ride on to get to our camping destinations.

I was thinking of taking the laptop so that we could go live, but I want to enjoy the time away from computers so I am just going to take the H4 Zoom along with me instead.  It’s a kick arse audio recorder that the boys and I can record a show on.

In the meantime have a listen to the below audio file, but beware, that it’s as brutal as hell.  These are the types of things we will be discussing, among others such as finding solutions to repair our white western countries..


Smith the Dog…

Spread it far and wide…


6 thoughts on “Australian Meet Up Coming Soon

    • Yeah tell me about it Brother. I couldn’t record any more than that, because I was about to explode. I got out of the house soon after reading that. It’s people like Smith that allow these dirt bags to get away with what they have done to that girl. They will probably serve 5-8 years and get out on “good behaviour” and then be back out on the streets to do it again.


  1. WTF happened to that guy’s left eye? The top of it is level with the pupil in the right eye. It’s like his face is going to slip off. (maybe to reveal the reptile underneath, LOL)


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