Random Hours w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-03-26

On this edition of Random Hours Shaun speaks about:

  • Pauline Hanson on strike_ Senators won’t vote until sugarcane dispute resolved
  • Ronny Chieng’s hilarious Daily Show segment on Australia
  • Keenan Mundine_ How a jail joke ‘turned my life around
  • United Airlines stops two female passengers wearing leggings from boarding a flight

And more…


Breaks played:  Sunday, 26 March 2017

——– ——
22:14:00 bump RandomBreaks\Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley.wav
22:15:40 bump RandomBreaks\Splish Splash – Bobby Darin.wav
22:29:00 bump RandomBreaks\The Hop – The Deltones.wav
22:30:40 bump RandomBreaks\Runaway – Del Shannon.wav
22:44:00 bump RandomBreaks\Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino.wav
22:45:40 bump RandomBreaks\Swing The Mood – Jive Bunny.wav
22:57:20 bump RandomBreaks\Do You Wanna Dance – The Deltones.wav
22:59:00 bump RandomBreaks\It’s So Easy – Buddy Holly.wav

One thought on “Random Hours w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-03-26

  1. you managed some fucking great humor in all this mess we’re living in…thanks,
    on species, from https://6000generations.wordpress.com/page/4/ :
    “Pigmentation is a polygenic trait encompassing some of the most visible phenotypic variation observed in humans. Here we present direct estimates of selection acting on functional alleles in three key genes known to be involved in human pigmentation pathways—HERC2, SLC45A2, and TYR—using allele frequency estimates from Eneolithic, Bronze Age, and modern Eastern European samples and forward simulations. Neutrality was overwhelmingly rejected for all alleles studied, with point estimates of selection ranging from around 2–10% per generation. Our results provide direct evidence that strong selection favoring lighter skin, hair, and eye pigmentation has been operating in European populations over the last 5,000 y.”

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