Shaun Releases Some of His Music For All to Hear

I will soon have Goodyear on the broadcast to speak of the difference between Dolby and DTS, so I thought I would repost some music of mine for thematic purposes…

TCTA Unleashed / WTFR

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen.

You’ve probably heard me talk about how some people have become interested in the music that I have written.  As my regular listeners know, I have written some of my own Bumper Tunes, to take me in and out of the breaks for my broadcast, known as Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed over there on Renegade Broadcasting.

What I am about to do, is embed some of my music here with some basic descriptions as to what the music meant to me personally as I wrote it.  I will also supply a download link for any that may be interested in keeping a copy.

I hold the copyright to this music, but you have my permission to do with the music, what you want, including make money off it if you can, on two conditions.

Condition 1:  You let people know who wrote, performed and/or tracked…

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