Hooks Seals the Deal With Yet Another Lie

As you know Ladies and Gents, a few of us have been exposing the cretins over there on the Steam forums.  Cretins that YOUR children may be presented to if they are gamers on Steam.  Well, if you caught the Gaming Corner (rated PG) or the recent episode of TCTA (Adults only) then you know exactly what has taken place.

HooksGURU had already lied after the Gaming Corner broadcast, by saying that I (Shaun) did not responde to his request to come on the show, so I proved that wrong by posting the email exchange here.  Now, Hooks lies some more, so that he doesn’t get called a coward for yet again not turning up to the broadcast.

Below is where Goodyear at 2:18 AM on the 18th of March in Australia, which is 11 AM on the 17th of March in New York, (9 hours before show time) respectfully invites Hooks to join us on the broadcast that day/evening…

Click the image to read…

Below is another Steam post, that proves beyond doubt, that Hooks was well aware of the show date, but just didn’t turn up.  Albeit, we are sure that he was listening.

Click on the image to read…

The above picture clearly shows that this post in Steam was posted on the Australian date and time of the 18th of March at 6:09 AM, which is the 17th of March at 3:09 PM over there in New York.  This means that 7 hours prior to the broadcast going live, which was at 10 PM EST New York time, Hooks verified that the show would go ahead and even went as far as saying we would have his undivided attention.  He mentions 8 PM, knowing full well it’s at 10 PM, because I had all the details up at the start of all of this, which shows him yet again manipulating things so that he can do anything to get out of doing the broadcast.  Not to mention he continuously speaks about how much he knows about me and then we are to believe that he didn’t take a look at the show times on the WTFR website?  Yeah, OK, I was dropped down in the last rainfall.  This is not to say for a moment however, that he didn’t tune in, because everybody knows that he sticks around the forums until late and during the show, people in the Steam Doom thread were annotating what was being said on the broadcast.

Now lets take a look at the email Hooks sent me yesterday, on the 19th of March at 2:28 AM here in Australia, which is the 18th of March 11:28 AM New York time (Hooks time) which is 13 hours and 28 mins after the show had been posted.

Click the image to view…

So you can clearly see that Hooks has lied here and has been caught red handed in the act.  He states in the Steam post on the 17th of March (show day) at 3:09 PM that he will be home early and that we will have his undivided attention.  Yet in the email he says that he got the dates wrong because of a post I made about the show being postponed  He also knew damned well that the show was going ahead, because the Steam forums were buzzing about it.  And the fact that he states in the email, that it was the date that screwed him over due to the post about the show being postponed, totally wipes out any factor of it being a time confusion issue, between 8 and 10 PM.  8 or 10 PM becomes irrelevant, because it was the dates that he says screwed him.  Not the times.  And why would the times confuse him, given that he knew those from the very beginning of when I left the details of the show?  Yeah, exactly.  He knew damned WELL what time and date the show was going ahead.

To all of you lackies that follow this imbecile, he will indeed bring you nothing but bad pleasures.  Unless of course you get off on being around people that lie through their teeth, whether it be by omission or otherwise.  I guess in that case you would be fine.

Below is an audio from my good friend Steamokov from Russia.  He wanted to send a message out to HooksGURU and Mandrake.

**  Attention:  The below audio is not for children  **


What can I say?  That’s probably what happens to people that look like date rapists in prison.  That is of course if I really believed for a moment that Hooks has access to peoples Steam information.  Which I do not.  I don’t even think he has a job.  Hence why he said that he is coming home early.  I think that was his way of saying, “yes I am at my computer all day getting food stamps, but I don’t want YOU to know that…”

And before I go Ladies and Gents, here is a quick audio clip for Max is Slack, ummmm, errrrrr, Max is Back on the Steam forum that somehow decided for me that I was a part of the Nazi Party.


Have a good day all.


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