TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun, Snake & Goodyear

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun, Snake and Goodyear speak about the result of HooksGURU and Mandrake the fake.  Neither one of them wanted to join us on the broadcast because of their evident lack of testicular fortitude.

Shaun then goes on to talk about Mutton, ummmm, errrr, Dutton and his new push to gain more popularity.


Friday, 17 March 2017

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7 thoughts on “TCTA Unleashed w/ Shaun, Snake & Goodyear

  1. This was a really good and accurate show, I really liked the part where certain rape van participants were portrayed
    I like the Snake guy, he was my favorite character, I wish to hear more from him
    Can you get me his autograph please?


    • And thanks snake for making like the 100th fake account with my name in it

      Great job proving how you guys aren’t just pathetic neckbeards


  2. I didn’t come on the show because I made all my points I would of made on the show, in the comments section, for the other podcast

    Not my fault you guys chose to ignore the things I said, also you guys have no balls

    If you want to prove you guys have balls, go outside, and tell some black people about your website and how you guys are nazis, film it, and upload it here

    I’ll be waiting, until then, just a couple of pussies hiding behind a monitor 🙂


    • Nice try you weak cock sucker. I have been filmed multiple times doing exactly that. In fact some of my enemies repost my TV appearances time and time again, because they believe me to be an evil Nazi.

      Go and grow a pair ya fuckin little girl.


      • Lmfao, I said it on the Steam forums, and I’ll say it here: if these guys were Nazis, they wouldn’t have me, a Muslim, on the show, without the content almost entirely being about howshitty my religion is. Like we said, these people have nothing of substance, so Godwin’s Law struck fast. Mandrake, if you’re just going to attack our character and not try to argue against what we said, just shut the fuck up. Your constant non sequiturs show you lost and now you’re just desperately trying to get something for your effort.


      • Pretty sure Manny and his pack raped sheep are a little upset abt some airwaves on a show that they themselves are promoting
        Free PR is good PR

        Manfake, who are you? thanks for your kind comments and here is your autograph

        Have a great week end

        Best Wishes

        Snake Plissken


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