Hooks Cries Like a Little Girl and Lies

That’s right Ladies and Gents, we have had a great result on the show about Hooks the coward.  I call him Hooks the coward because not only has he backed out of doing the show after emailing me, he also lied about the fact that I responded to him.  Here is the screen shot of the email….

Click the image to see the email clearly.

He has now proven beyond doubt, that not only is he a cowardly cretin that manipulates and attempts to intimidate, but that he is a bold faced liar as well.

Many people could say that I made the email up myself, but then how would I have known his name was Blake unless he messaged me and let me know?  Unless of course he made the name up for that very purpose, which wouldn’t surprise me, because the email address was suspect as well.

So that he can’t get out of this, I am going to repost my response even though it is above as a screen shot, so that he has no excuse to get out of doing the show, aside from being the wimpy little coward that he is.

Hello Blake.

I will be away on business as of midday Australian time today, however I return on my Wednesday (your Tuesday) unless they need me to stick around.  Thursday I have to man the studio for John’s broadcast and Friday I have a meeting, so we are probably looking at Saturday which is Friday for you.  Please understand, I can never make a solid commitment because my life is very busy, but lets aim for Friday the 17th for you at 8 PM New York (EST) time, which will be Saturday 18th, 11 AM my time, if that suits your schedule.  Should either of us need to change that time and/or date, we can communicate here.

For the show, you will need to install Skype and then add the studio account, which is wtfrhost …  You will of course need a microphone and a pair of headphones or a headset.  If none of the aforementioned is possible for whatever reason, you can instead call into the studio call-in-line at showtime:  843-491-6119 which is local to South Carolina in the US.
If the studio does not add you (Skype) at your request right away, don’t panic, sometimes there is a delay.

Thank You for contacting me.
I eagerly await his response either here or via dessnr@hotmail.com …

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