The Gaming Corner 2017-03-12

On this edition of the Gaming Corner, Shaun & Snake discuss how certain individuals within gaming forums, such as the Steam platform, think for a moment that they can belittle, intimidate and bully people into submission.

Gaming should be a platform of fun and healthy challenges, not a platform where people cannot enjoy the experience.  We have had enough of this continuous degeneracy that seems to go unchecked on so many levels.  Not just because of these cretins that think they can freely get away with this nonsense, but because Steam, the moderators of a gaming forum or the developers themselves choose to ignore what is happening, henceforth ruining the pleasure for those of us that are there to enjoy ourselves.

Take a wild ride into this premier edition for WTFR, of The Gaming Corner.


Bumps played on:  Sunday, 12 March 2017

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34 thoughts on “The Gaming Corner 2017-03-12

    • I don’t see anything wrong with that post, Mandrake. It is very easy to believe that somebody that was defending that game at the time, must have been “a part of the family”. The game was a disaster.


      • It’s breaching ToS, you know, that thing you always mention when “calling out” others

        and there’s plenty more posts of his that show what his ‘behaviour’ is like, because you sure do love talking about other peoples behaviour on steam forums, but apparentely it’s ok if snake trolls? I don’t like double standards, and I don’t like your attempts at intimidating users and making them feel as they can’t post freely, which is how it should be

        ‘Where thought is free’ (but requires approval in the comments section!)


      • Another thing I dislike, is that you’re not inviting me to your podcast, you’re TELLING me.. Otherwise we both know what will happen, you will call me a coward of some sort for not coming on the podcast, why would I want to waste my time just to be told by a couple of roo routers what a bad person I apparentely am?

        Also don’t really like the way you claim I tidied up my act after your initial podcast apparentely, this is just delusional and just a way for you to convince yourself podcasts talking shit about people acctually has any worthwhile outcome.

        And as for saying you guys could easily get legal action taken against me because I live in the UK, yeah right, I’d love to see that.

        Maybe you should read up on our laws here abit more before making claims like that, go ahead and see how far you get, because I guarantee you wouldn’t get far.


  1. Mandrake, stop dancing around like a little fairy fairy and come on the show. You, just like hooks have had ample time to become a part of it in an effort to defend yourself. You’re just making excuses because you’re a coward.



      Funny how I was the one that mentioned the legalities of UK law and you never if anything said you didn’t want anything to go that way Shaun
      So Manny cries abt not being able to come on your show, given an opportunity, here he is crying once again, tomorrows should be fun, looking forwards to the other guest too


      • Yeah and you said it would be easy, so do it

        Go on, do it.. You guys have actual mental issues, you need to get help, you’re still mentioning a post I made 2 years ago telling you to kill yourself and you think this is normal behaviour of a normal functioning human being?

        I’m the one crying? Yeah right, says the one still talking about a post I made 2 years ago, you butthurt little troll


      • And its hilarious how instead of responding to every point I mentioned in this comment section, you say I’m crying.. Thank god you’re too dumb to realise how much of a hypocrite you must look like right now

        Before you came along posting comments on here, I was making points, having a discussion-like mentality, basically saying the things I would of said on your lame podcast.. But no, you ignore all of that and just use petty insults

        Sums you up in a nutshell, say what you will, doesn’t change the fact that you have some serious mental health issues and should be getting it sorted instead of blaming me


      • And I know you will just reply will another retort

        I’ll try again

        Stop resorting to insults, and instead.. Counter every arguement I made in the comments

        This is your problem, it’s pathetic, you never come up with a counter-arguement, instead you just resort to trolling and say I’m ‘crying’

        All in all, I’ve proven in this comments section you’re a fucking troll, which makes you a hypocrite when you say the things you do on these ‘special’ podcasts of yours


      • Has the user name Tears Of Joy (should be Tears of Joy btw, dipshit)

        Yet you claim on this podcast you could EASILY have be in court over this

        So do it, but you won’t because you can’t

        Because you are.. A fucking idiot, and you need to be on medication and this is me being serious.. You have issues, sort your shit.


    • See, just like I said ‘come on the show otherwise we’ll continue to mock you’

      I’m not on jury here, you guys need to get that through your heads

      And go on, try legal action against me, since you seem to think you could ‘easily’ do so

      Keep mentioning a post I made two years ago, yeah, they didn’t bring these laws in to the UK so twerps like you could use it as blackmail and hold someones post over their head for 2 years straight..

      Those laws are for people who ‘acctually’ get harrased, not twerps like you who cyber bully people over the internet because they have nothing better to do

      So go on, try it, we both know you won’t though snake.. You’ll say on this silly podcast that it’s because you don’t want to, but we both know it’s because you can’t.

      Also, why not bring up more recent posts that point to what a P.O.S I apparetely am? No, you can’t, because I’m not as malicious as you two make me out to be.. Funny enough, I think you only do these things to get people to tune in to your otherwise pretty dead podcast

      And on that note, I’ll leave you guys with one last thing to think about before I leave

      Passive aggressiveness is still a form of aggression


  2. “will be fun tomorrow, I guess once again you wont come on, oh well”

    Do you not read anything I say to you, or do you simply choose to just ignore it, snake?

    I’m sick of this, you guys get told the truth, and you flat out ignore a whole bunch of points I made, why come on your podcast when you’d do the EXACT same thing you’re doing now


  3. ” here he is crying once again, tomorrows should be fun, looking forwards to the other guest too”

    About 3-4 hours ago before Snake Plissken said this, I said

    “And on that note, I’ll leave you guys with one last thing to think about before I leave

    Passive aggressiveness is still a form of aggression”


  4. @surplus

    You won’t let me reply to that comment of yours so let me set this straight

    You guys obsess over a comment I posted on steam over 2 yers ago, and you call me obsessed?

    You guys ask me to come on this podcast, yet I made all my points right here.. You both ignored them, and continued to verbally insult me

    I made a bunch of points in the comments section, points that I would of made on your podcast

    Is this how you guys would of behaved if I had come on the podcast? Ignore every sequential thing I say and just mock me for “spamming” comments

    All you guys have done is proven me right that you are both incapible of reasoning, or discussion.. Only petty trolling

    Get some help already, you guys should be under heavy medication


    • Why don’t you join me on the next Gaming Corner and you can tell me why it is you think I was trolling? You see, I’m betting you’re a little pussy cunt like your faggot friend there. Come on tough guy, come on the show and explain to people what makes a troll and why you elect me as one.


  5. lol. going on your troll baby show would be counterproductive. insulting me just shows how mentally retarded you and your little troll monkey friends really are. don’t even know the guy you are referring to but if it makes you happy (little things amuse little minds) keep pretending I know him. come on mate, I’m sure your limited intellect has something better to offer. nice try though. have a nice day little troll monkey.


    • And calling me a troll monkey isn’t an insult? You cast the first stone dip stick. So who’s the retard. Now put up or shut up. Be a man and come on the show, or forever remain the coward you are.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hooks posted the link to the show we were on and this clown obviously followed it to here
        He’s been post stalking me on Steam like some ass clown, he has same habits as Mandrake. Mandrake is so salty now he has resorted to changing his avatar to mine and posting after me, mimicking my posts LEL
        This is how fucking stupid they all are, Rob, Hook’s mate has been uber trolling and getting himself banned on 2 separate accounts, all these clowns know each other of friend’s of friends

        Hooks tried to make out we had broken the law and were cyber bullies, I asked him to go right ahead and file a report. He denied having friends as mods who could shut me down anytime he wished
        On the contrary I posted evidence and that was his last reply LOL

        Rob is 10 times worse than Hooks, both are as bad as each other but Rob has some kind of mental condition, posting personal info on Steam then getting banned
        Rob is currently gathering evidence against me for an up and coming legal preceding through Steam

        Guy is a fucking loser LOL


      • They all say the same thing. They start trouble with people and then when you bite back they claim they are taking out legal proceedings against you. A bunch of faggot pussies. “Teacher! Teacher! He hit me! Tell him off!” Even though they are the ones that throw the first punch.

        Loser boy here “ShadowGeckoX” is going to be getting idiot of the week on the next Gaming Corner.

        Liked by 1 person

      • His excuse is, he is trolling the trolls
        I’m not trolling, these cunts in Linux forum derailing, like what Hooks does all the time, I wonder if I will get a free trip to NY at all? I wonder when he puts in his case, he uses his own posts too?
        I wonder if Rob understands how well he is known among Steam forums, this image tells a million words

        That is an image of a Mod speaking to Rob, one of Hook’s great “mates”


      • Yeah, that says it all. It’s funny that after we took Hooks to task on the show he was quickly banned by the forum mods. It’s sad that it takes radio to have action taken.

        Liked by 1 person

      • little troll monkeys make me giggle. good luck in your endeavors. if it makes your pathetic existence seem better by pretending that I’m salty go ahead. have a nice day. 😉


  6. Shaun, I think I haven’t seen anything so autistic, or mentally debilitating since Mandrake’s outbursts, is it OCD or some other socially awkward demeanor that has him do Mandrakisms that show us a pattern of behavior that makes me wonder they should seek professional attention or take their medications properly?

    I am not a Dr but I can clearly see when someone is a little “off”, out of sync with normality.


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