Random Time Shows

Hey Ladies and Gents…

As you know, some networks have what is known as a random type idea where a slot is preserved for a random host to do a show.  That host might be a host on the network, or it might be a person that wants to try their broadcasting boots on.  This is a great idea for testing the waters on both sides of the fence, for the network administration and the person that wants to try out for broadcasting.  The problem with it, is that it can take up an important slot that could otherwise be used for a permanent host.  Thanks to South Oz Man, we now have an idea that fits perfectly in with WTFR.

Recently I was in a small back and forth discussion with South Oz Man in Skype and Oz asked a few questions…

 1. Is it ok for me to request a live show?    2. How much notice do u need at the least to ask you to slot a gap in.   3. Regarding the above flexibility i think i can work it much better and also work around quests id like to bring on as an interview.

I thought for a moment and then came up with an idea that will not only Suit Oz Man, but anybody that wants to do a random show at literally anytime, as long as it doesn’t step on any of the other permanent slots.  I have created a generic random script that can be started at the top of ANY hour.  Meaning, I don’t have to change the times within the script to suit any given hour.  This particular script runs at the top of any hour at all.  So if Joe Blo from Mexico requests a random show at 3AM on a random day of the week, all it will take is to start the script and Joe just has to make it to the studio.  Cool or what?

So, if you’re a person that wants to do a show here and there, but can’t bunker down into a permanent slot, then the random script is for you!  Perhaps you are a person that just wants to get something off your chest for the hour and then never do another broadcast again, then the random script is for you.

Contact me to do a broadcast at dessnr@hotmail.com and we can organise a time for you to have your proverbial 15 minutes of fame, or in this case 1 hour.

Cheers to Oz for the idea and cheers to the listeners, of WTFR!


5 thoughts on “Random Time Shows

  1. i think this is a great idea because it will allow more flexibility as this method improves. For instance, I wouldn’t have ability to do a show at a set time because my schedule is complicated so I’d be able to do when I can. I think this will improve the network.


  2. G’day Shaun.
    I have a question that i will raise here to save your time having to repeat the answer.
    Q. Will this slot have 15 min. Or 30 min. Break/s?
    Regards, Oz


    • Good question Oz.

      It will depend on the host. I have in fact written two scripts. One that has a break at the :30 mark and one that has breaks at :15 :30 and :45 …

      If some body requests 15 then they get the 15 script. If somebody requests 30, then they get the 30 breaks.

      Cheers mate.


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