Cretinous ABC Strikes Again

This sickens me to no end.  The ABC are well aware of what has been taking place here in Australia and whilst they jumble statistics around like lotto balls, so that YOU don’t understand them, white people are being simply, bred out of existence.

The ABC have a lot to answer for Ladies and Gentlemen, as they yet again scare the pants off white women, when it comes to having babies.

Because as several mums and experts shared with the ABC, talking about the difficulties of motherhood can help women not only survive one of life’s most challenging feats, but make an informed decision about whether they want to do it at all.

First and foremost, the only people that should be involved in the decision to have a child, should be the potential mother and father.  Not anybody on Farcebook or any other social media for that matter, not a doctor, not a psychiatrist, just the mother and the father.  I mean fuck, we’ve been having children for centuries without Farcebook or a doctor giving us the go ahead and we CERTAINLY did it without the oh so corrupt Murdochs and their lackies called the ABC.

They continuously talk about these “experts” that can give advice on the matter and then when you finally start discovering who these “experts” are, you fast realise they are nothing more nor less than fat cats and bureaucrats that have no business in the matter at all.  At very least, have no more to give than a parent-to-be themselves, outside of a little experience if they themselves are already parents, but your next-door neighbour can give that same advice.

So we have a few mums that had babies, because babies looked cute on Farcebook.  TWITS!  IDIOTS!  These TWITS and IDIOTS are a minority at least for the moment.  And because these dummies can’t handle parenthood, when they realise that babies aren’t just cuddly play toys and that they poo, cry, scream, kick, scratch, pee on you etc, this is some how merit for the ABC to come out with an article that says ‘women should reconsider having a child’.

When it comes to pregnancy, there are a number of health issues women need to think about such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

The ABC is well aware of the fact that Asian women, Arab women, Pakistani women etc, don’t give a flying fuck on the most part about what they (ABC) have to say about the decision on whether or not they should have a baby.  The said immigrants above, fuck like mice and don’t care about consequence.  They just want to breed, breed, breed with very little thought behind any of it, whereas white women, being intelligent and of conservative mind, will take a step back and think very hard about this.  The ABC know this very well.  They know that the only people in this country that this article is going to affect are the white women.

This doesn’t just come down to the statistics being skewed because the ABC and others such as Prime and Win Television, do not consider the silent demographic (Asians stick with Asians, Arabs with Arabs) but it also comes down to the ‘sly as a fox’ way of breeding out the white race right under our very noses.  As stated above, Asians and Arabs have VERY different breeding habits to that of the common white woman.

If we take a look at the idea behind Idiocracy (beware of anybody that tells you it’s wrong to use Idiocracy as a measure to what is taking place in reality) it’s obvious that when the intelligent people stop breeding, the idiots will continue, because they either 1:  Know no better or 2:  Don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks.  The latter is not only statistically true in a demographical and national geographical (specific population type + community/commission housing) sense, but also evident to see on television itself when we watch shows like ‘Housos’.  Television often reflects what takes place in society and Housos is just one of those shows that continue to explain the Idiocracy’s harsh truth of the matter.

The truth of the matter, is that the majority of the minority, such as Arabs as an example, will continue to breed and breed and breed, not just because many of them are as dumb as dog fuck, but because they WANT to out-breed us and they often admit it to your face.  There has been multiple reports of this especially in England and Australia.  The same goes for the Asian peoples.  For all of you that have been suckered in by how “nice” the Asian people are, don’t forget for a moment, that they are not a stupid people and they are indeed breeding us out.  And don’t even get me started on how many of them come over here each year, so called ‘legally’.

So who do YOU think is going to stop breeding?  The idiots?  Nope, they don’t care.  They just fuck and bring in a new pay check.  The Asians?  Nope, they don’t care what the ABC says and nor do they care about breeding you out.  The Arabs or the Indians?  Are you fucking blind?  Have you been to a school yard at home time and seen the Toyota Tarago vans filled to the brim with Arab boys and girls?  The white women?  Abso-fucking-lutely!  Not only because they have been programmed to believe that they are evil white people that just need to go away and perish, but because they are of intelligent mind and know that they must consider everything in a conservative fashion, including bringing a child into the world, to make ends meet and to have a healthy family.

Mother holding sleeping baby

What the ABC are doing, is VERY deliberate and has NOTHING to do with having a healthy family.  It’s simply there to scare the idea of having a child at all, out of the white women of Western Civilisation.  I guarantee that if one of those piece of shit ABC lackies read this, they would swear to the Gods that what I have written here is Racist, Bullshit, Lies, etc, but they can NEVER explain their way out of it and don’t even get me started about who hands this shit down to them and who trains them to become so called “reporters”.

My advice is to leave ALL outside sources out of your decisions to become parents.  Make your OWN decisions, because the ABC, Farcebook, Twitter (I can see it now, “We have a twitter baby” it will be the new cool) or even your next-door neighbour cannot make this decision for you.  If you feel you are ready to become parents, then that should be your decision and your decision alone.

Take care white Mothers and Fathers to be.


3 thoughts on “Cretinous ABC Strikes Again

  1. Great article Shaun!! I have not heard of this ABC organization before but it is clear from what you wrote they are part of the agenda to destroy the white race. No worries though! There is no way they will succeed. We are much to powerful to let them wipe us out. And even if the could succeed in wiping us all out (which they cannot), the Creator would simply snap His fingers and create more of us. They are such damn fools to think they can override the Creator’s design. There is no bloody chance they will succeed.


    • Yeah Jeanice, ABC are a media outlet here. Very similar to your CNN or Fox News. They are absolute filth that lie by omission and work under the Rupert Murdoch template of communism and Marxism…

      Glad to have your comment expressing your appreciation for the article. It means a lot coming from you.



  2. Alinsky Broadcasting Cabal – state broadcasting like Pravda Down Under. That might be their new nickname: Pravda Down Under!


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