TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-03-03

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • ID Cards VS Cellphones
  • Microwave and Cellphone Danger
  • Communist government behavior
  • Muslim micro-nation in Australia
  • Fat fuck Jill Hennessy lies about vaccines
  • Movies and games being “blacked”
  • Oprah for president (barf)
  • Global nonsense (warming)

And much more…


Breaks played on:  Friday, 3 March 2017

——– ——
22:14:30 bump Commodore 64 Remixes – 006 – CZ Tunes – Platoon Title Remix.wav
22:17:00 bump Commodore 64 Remixes – 048 – Andreas Wallstrom and NecroPolo – DMC demo IV 2 (Celtic Mission mix).wav
22:29:30 bump Commodore 64 Remixes – 051 – Mordi – Ocean Loader 2.wav
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23:17:00 bump Commodore 64 Remixes – 083 – Hoffman – Parallax.wav
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23:32:00 bump Commodore 64 Remixes – 074 – Johan Andersson – Hawkeye.wav
23:44:30 bump ShaunChoices01-Bumps-30-14.wav
23:47:10 bump RememberYou_Bump.wav

3 thoughts on “TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-03-03

  1. These takkiya practitioners can say anything, Just like those who practice kol nidre. Lying to kaffir is not a sin and is encouraged to protect and further islam. For further information on islam that is easy to digest look for Dr. Bill Warner and his YouTube channel of “Political Islam”.


    • Yeah sorry mate, but I will take the word of Rocket Scientists over fat cats, bureaucrats or yourself any day. But be my guest on doing a podcast on the issue.


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