South Oz Man & Killer Wildlife

In response to Shaun’s snake stories Ladies and Gents, South Oz Man of Live Wire lets us know of some of the horrors he has experienced when it comes to the evils of Aussie wildlife.

Truly, if you think that Australian wildlife is cute and cuddly, after some of our bush stories, you will think again!



8 thoughts on “South Oz Man & Killer Wildlife

  1. Damn, you Aussies have it rough. You guys have to deal with brown snakes, tiger snakes, other snakes, platypus, dingoes, koalas, crockidiles, kangaroos, Abbos, Jellyfish and more dangerous creatures. Im glad I dont live in Australia . at least the black bears that Shaun was afraid of are passive and run if you yell at them.


    • Unless they have cubs and then they eat some of you whilst they feed the rest of you to their nibbling cubs. They eat you from the feet up so that the cubs can get use to the kicking and thrashing of a victim. OK, now I am in shock 😐


  2. lol, “the bullet fell out the end of the barrel and hit the snake on the head” im still laughing. great tales mate.


    • Hahahaa Ya had too be there to apreciate the moment it was hilarious! I had a few more attacks and run ins and some bizare moments in my life i will share on another rant some time


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