Almost Back In Full Swing

As some of you know Ladies and Gents, my life has been somewhat topsy turvy of late, because I am moving into a new house.  Something has interfered with that recently, but it won’t be too much longer and WTFR will be back in full swing.

So far it’s been a little more difficult to run everything in a fully automated fashion, because of the fact I don’t actually have an Internet connection running on the house line.  I am running entirely from a dongle and this throws a spanner into the works when it comes to automating everything.  However!  As soon as I am in the new house, which should be around the 16th at the latest if all goes well, I will be getting a new ISP and will be able to bring WTFR back up to scratch.

When we are back up and running at full power if you will, the 24/7 automation will be up and running and hosts will be able to login and do their shows without me having to be manning the station.  The good side to not being in the new house just yet, is since everything is packed and ready to go, all I can really do outside of work, is improve on ideas for the network and I have come up with some pretty good ones.

In the meantime, thanks for being patient and I will keep you informed as to how the move is going and when things are fully operational again.

Stay well my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.


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