Oz Man To Leave Live Radio

Live radio is not for everybody Ladies and Gents.  For various reasons, including personal life activities, South Oz Man has decided that live radio is not for him.  He will however be doing a 1 hour podcast each week, when he can afford the time.  And I know I speak for everybody that enjoyed his shows when I say, we look forward to that.

Live radio is one of those things that you either take well to, or don’t.  And sometimes in the early stages it doesn’t take much to want to duck out, if you will.  There is nothing wrong with it however and for some people a podcast suits better.

This network is not only a live show network as we have seen with Gadsden and Jacko.  They are living proof that podcasting is both workable and enjoyed by our listening audience.  The only real benefit to radio being live is that we can take calls and comment accordingly on what is being said in the chatroom.  This and also the fact that some of us just simply work better on the fly, than pre-rec.

I’ve enjoyed South Oz Mans broadcasts and the humor he bought to the table within and I look forward to hearing more from him in future casts.

Thanks for being brave enough to be a part of WTFR Oz Man and no, you have not let me down buddy!

Oz Man’s statement below…




8 thoughts on “Oz Man To Leave Live Radio

    • Till the end My Young Brother! Till The end!
      Thanks for the comment, it really means allot to me. We must remember that the time is 11.59 and we must sharpen our skills tallents and virtues in a way that the earth has not witnessed I feel since the day the first footprint was layed on its surface. Strength, honor and dignity to you


  1. You haven’t let anyone down. You’ve proven you can step up, present information, and do it in a live environment. Congratulations. With time I hope you can come back. Look forward to seeing your podcasts on the site. Stay strong.


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