Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie & Shaun Surplus 2017-02-22

On this edition of Dinosaur News, Beattie Boy and Surplus speak about:

  • Blacks demand free tuition in Wisconsin
  • Islamaphobia laws coming to Canada
  • The conservative party riding the coattails of Donald Trump
  • Muslim students walk out of Aussie school whilst anthem is sung
  • Islamic children refuse to shake hands with lady teacher

And much more…


Breaks played on:  Wednesday, 22 February 2017

——– ——
18:14:02 bump Beattie\High School Confidential – Jerry Lee Lewis.wav
18:15:43 bump Beattie\John McCormack – My Wild Irish Rose.wav
18:29:00 bump Beattie\Men of Harlech.wav
18:30:40 bump Beattie\John McCormack – The Old House.wav
18:44:00 bump Beattie\Boswell Sisters – The Object Of My Affection.wav
18:45:40 bump Beattie\The Bonnie Blue Flag – with lyrics – popular Civil War song from the movie- Gods and Generals – HQ.wav
18:57:20 bump Beattie\Deanna Durbin sings The Last Rose of Summer-mp3.wav
18:59:00 bump Beattie\Elvis Presley Heatrbreak Hotel Live (1956`).wav
19:00:12 bump Beattie\The Maple Leaf forever (original version).wav
19:14:00 bump Beattie\Kathleen Ferrier – Keel Row Lyrics in description.wav
19:15:40 bump Beattie\Jimmy Shand and his Scottish Dance Band – The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen.wav
19:29:00 bump Beattie\Traditional English rural pub folk music session at The Bell, Chittlehampton, Umberleigh, Devon, UK.wav
19:30:40 bump Beattie\High School Confidential – Jerry Lee Lewis.wav
19:44:00 bump Beattie\Rick Nelson Garden Party.wav
19:45:40 bump Beattie\Bing Sings Accentuate the Positive .wav
19:59:00 bump Beattie\Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.wav

2 thoughts on “Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie & Shaun Surplus 2017-02-22

  1. cheers!
    just heard the drama-corner snippets
    thanks, needed a good laugh.
    humor seems to refresh the spirit

    “muh Ginga Nigga !”
    brilliant. can’t wait for the t-shirts,

    spot on with your observation of gathering (borrowed) ‘knowledge does not equal intelligence’.
    so much for the British plight. ‘if i keep talking with a dildo in my butt eventually i will sound intelligent’
    ffs … bit like ‘hey! i found one dollar, and then another one! so that’s 1+1 equals …11 dollars !’
    (‘great Kyle, 11 dollars, you’re doing a great job again with the vacuum cleaner today’)

    ‘it’s criminal to eat meat’…ja, great, i’ve been brushcutting & chainsawing on a 30% slope all day,
    and now you tell me i’m a criminal if i take care of myself. hahaha, get a fucking life Ginga Nigga !


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