Credit Where It’s Due


This was originally put in the Drama Corner but has been copied to the main page because of demand….

There is nothing that shits me more Ladies and Gents than some fucking arsehole that doesn’t give credit where it’s due.  Especially some arsehole that is just in it for the donations, or what I call, the “self welfare” system.

Let’s list some of the greats:

Commander Rockwell

William John Beattie

Edgar J Steele

Eustace Mullins

Peter Schaenk

Jim Traficant

Even John Stadtmiller of RBN…

Somewhere, there has always been some fuck head that thinks he was able to take credit for what these people have said in the past, dozens of times.  And I guess I had more to say because one thing lead to another.  And another….

You know, speaking of Stadtmiller, people can bitch about him as much as they like (I have myself on occasion) but he has stood the test of time and stuck to his guns.  He is rock solid and nobody can refute that.  Give the guy some fuckin credit!

The article that triggered me from the Stormer:

My rant:


6 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. Hit them, and hit them HARD !
    those lazy fuckers that are in it just to peddle merchandise,
    same fucking trait we’ve seen in in the tribe they rant about: Can One See The Fucking Irony!
    Hit them, and hit them HARD !
    At this point if you can’t call a spade a spade and be open to a healthy debate:
    Hit them, and hit them HARD !
    As Schaenck and many of the greats you mentioned say, WN/Patriot movements/broadcast that mix truth with nonsense like AlexJones diffuse and mess up the message, and
    HAVE to be encountered/exposed as they fuck up all the good work !
    Just like Flat Earth Theory at Renegade , you can’t debate there.period.truth movement my butt!
    maybe intended to attract more listeners, but in fact no less damaging then the Jones-scheme.
    With their army of Believers (K.Hunts NewAge Cult), ‘pet-faggots’ indeed.
    i have below zero respect for them just like that DickPic Nick Sperro,
    “well Shaun shouldn’t have picked a fight with the missus of the owner of the network”.
    Let’s call a spade a spade: Fucking Coward.

    Ha!, anyone who has a problem with your swearing, they are 100% new-age Social Justice Warriors,
    why do i write so smugly-as-a-renegade ‘100%’ : well, simple understanding duh:
    you have a FUCKING DISCLAIMER BEFORE EVERY one of your shows!

    Hit them, and hit them HARD !
    Greetings, from Oz east-coast, SJW capital par fucking exellence, on another fucking hot day.


  2. PewdiePie is anagram of paedophile BTW and that “youtube celebrity” (lol) is known jewlover. And that video summarizes fatass Josh Reeves pretty well together i think.


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