Skype Soon To Force New Versions

Well as you may know Ladies and Gents, Skype is soon to force it’s upcoming versions on people which can really throw a spanner into the way things work for some radio stations that use older versions.  THIS, will not be bothering us any further.

The way things were run on WTFR are now very different.  Skype has found a way that stifles the mechanics we would normally use to pipe audio through to the host.  They claim that the changes made were due to trying to get rid of background noise and feedback, but as we also know, Micro$oft have been working hard to put an end to independent broadcasters and stations for a long time, because it’s too much like free speech.  They can control the mass media, but they can’t control us.

If there is one thing I can promise you Ladies and Gents, it’s that no matter how hard they try, or what they throw at us, WTFR will always get around the problem.  It’s very much like “pirate protections” on DVD’s and the old gaming CD’s…   A day after the protection was implemented, it was hacked and cracked.

These cretinous Microc*nt lackies, along side other corporate entity dogs, don’t have what it takes to stop us and our free speech and they never will.  Even when they kill one of us these days, another 10 of us pop-up to fill his place.  We are unstoppable.

Free speech should NEVER be stifled in any way and there is absolutely nothing that says, nor is there anything wrong with, us creating our own stations and individual broadcasts.  And the only reason ANYBODY or ANY corporation would try to stop such a thing, should be obvious.

We will not be stopped!  For too long now people have been deceived and force fed lies by the mainstream media, such as ABC, CNN, FOX, Prime News, Vic News, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, SBS etc…  Now it’s our time to shine, to show people what has really been happening around this world when it comes to Jew run media, Jew propaganda through movies, Jew introduction of porn, Jew forced multi-racialism etc…

Keep throwing your bullshit at us as much as you like Microshit because we will ALWAYS find a way.  With or without you.

Take THAT to your Jew bank!



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