The Gadsden Show w/ Gadsden 2017-02-05


On this edition of The Gadsden Show, Gadsden discusses football because it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  He also discusses how sports in general are often just there to keep us busy and occupied whilst real world problems are taking place and how talmudvision (television) is keeping us stupid.



4 thoughts on “The Gadsden Show w/ Gadsden 2017-02-05

  1. G’day Gadsden
    I know you would be eager to get a reply (hopefully more)
    So I will step up and say that i enjoyed that presentation and the efforts you are taking too be more coherent and not eatinh (lmao) during future shows. A tilt of the hat to you for the all round knowledge you have at such a young age. Looking forward to hearng more from you.
    Regards, South


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