Live Shows To Resume On Beattie Boys Wednesday

Hey Ladies and Gents.  Just a quick note to say that live shows should resume on Beattie Boys coming Wednesday.  Thursday for the Aussies.

It’s been a hectic week and it’s been as good as confirmed that somebody has been playing funny buggers over at IINET.  I was told that there was absolutely no reason that I should have been disconnected in the first place.  This solidifies my suspicions and allow me to explain what those are in a step-by-step fashion so that you know what is going on.

Last week my Internet stopped working.  I first thought it was just a fart in the system, so I rebooted the modem, to no avail.  I then called the company and the square throat that answered the call seemed a little squeamish from the get go, almost as if somebody had left notes on my account, on how to handle the call.  This was the third time that I had been disconnected like this in the last few months, so as you can imagine my patience were growing thin.

After the square throat and I were done talking, (I’d hung up on him because he was wasting my time and then he called me back) I was put through to the “cancellation team” at which point I was told that they could get me back up and running, to which I declined, because I had a feeling that these funny buggers would happen again and again.  Here is what I think happened.

Somebody reported me for my “racist” ways and cried 6 million tears about how anti-semitic I am.  One of the square throats probably didn’t like what I was saying about them, especially since I do their accent and mock their disgusting behaviours so well, so they went ahead and disconnected me, going above the cancellation team.  And yes, they can actually do this.  I have a couple of friends in communications and they said it’s literally a matter of hitting a button when it comes down to it.

So, I called them and squeamish camel humping boy has probably seen some notes against my account about the circumstances and didn’t know where to go with it.  Hence why he put me on hold for so long.  This is when I hung up.  When I was put through to the cancellation team, they have more than likely scolded the square throats for disconnecting me, because the English lady that was speaking to me, sounded sincerely pissed off that this had happened to me.  Especially since I explained to her that I will be glad to stay disconnected, so that I don’t have to speak to the square throats anymore.

So in the meantime we are running off a dongle, because I don’t see the sense in getting a new ISP up and running, when I will be moving house in the next few weeks anyway.  It would mean I have to disconnect the Internet here and have it moved to the new house, so the dongle is more than sufficient for what we need to get through until I move.  At which point the proper 24/7 schedule will resume as well.

I hope that keeps you informed with what has taken place and I’m looking forward to Beattie Boys show on Wednesday and then South Oz Man on Friday.  Oh and don’t forget to check out Jacko’s Lantern.  A new edition to WTFR, where Jacko from Melbourne explains how it is on a prerecorded half hour show.

Cheers and cold beers all.


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