Don’t Forget To Check Out Drama Corner

Hey Ladies and Gents.

Drama is not for everybody, but there is no shortage of it in the alternative radio world.  We have a Drama Corner segment on our website, for those of you that want to keep tabs on what drama is taking place behind the scenes.  Well, kind of behind the scenes.

Drama Corner is not just about the drama going on between alt networks though.  It is so much more than that.  It’s also about exposing those that are more a detriment or even a hindrance to the authentic White Nationalist movement, than what they are a help.  Even sometimes without knowing it.

If we are going to expose Alex Jones for his jew ridden filth, then we need to expose ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of those that are ridden with jew behaviours.

Remember, it’s not infighting, if they’re not IN and networks such as renegade do not qualify for Commander Rockwells legacy.  So if you want in on exposing these cretins, whether it be Alex Jones, Bile & Grenade or you just want to keep up with the drama, then don’t forget to visit the Drama Corner.  This can be found in the top menu under archives.

OK, so what I have done is placed Drama Corner in the top menu so that it doesn’t interfere with what this website is predominantly about.  That way, you can choose to take a look or don’t…  It’s up to you and it’s not shoved in your face on the front page.  Cool huh?

I also like to make it very comedic as much as I can, because drama can’t always be taken seriously.  This is not to say however, that I don’t let loose when needed.  Because I indeed do.

Now get on over to Drama Corner and see what you think.

WTFR, saying it as it is with no holds barred!!!




6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Check Out Drama Corner

  1. Wow I cant believe they did that but then again I can. Shinade does look like Anne Frank. Then you have Heil Kunt . . . These fuckers have no shame. I should have unloaded my vitriol on that nutritionally deficient bitch. But I was being respectful and patient. No more. I bet she likes it rough too.


  2. FlatEarth Broadcsting needs to be brought down.Simply because the list of people they have USED for they own vague purpose and then kicked out and for weeks on end defamed is ridiculously long. let alone the esoteric & feminist bs they put out. probably that english university education with prince william most have forever cooked lazy eyes’s brain.
    Had a laugh with GrenadeTheory, a good expose of their op.:
    Attention & ‘let’s keep Kyle busy’. Feminism at its finest & too dumb to debate any subject.
    No wonder they have multiple avatars to gang up on any criticism in their ‘uncensored’ chat.
    And agree Shaun, that creature is not a man, one punch and he’ll be crying
    ‘Sinead,Sinead…he hit me, he hit me, call 911, now Sinead, he hit me…boooooohhhh’


    • Yeah he put a video out once where he hit a punching bag and all I could think was, that was the most uncontrolled punch I have ever seen and punching bags don’t hit back.


  3. Don’t get me wrong, I get that you need to vent your frustrations often but I really wonder what purpose this kind of content serves other than just venting. I learned a long time ago that holding onto personal grudges & venting off about it at every opportunity did me, my family & friends around me absolutely no good at all. It chipped away at my personal relationships with other people who had nothing to do with my personal issue to the point where many of those relationships became considerably strained. It was also like an ever-increasing weight on my back that was always there. What I finally learned was that I didn’t necessarily have to forgive – I just needed to stop feeling the need to constantly get back at the people who I thought had “hurt” me. Once I finally let go of that the weight was gone, I got closer to my family & friends and I spent most of the time thinking about AND doing things that really mattered. I’m sure you’ve heard all this before & that it sounds like just another condescending psychoanalysis (I really don’t mean it to be) but I only say it here because I talk from experience & in the hope that it might help. I like your other work but personally I just think this drama stuff is doing nothing more than adding fuel to a fire burning out in the middle of the desert where nobody can really even see it. I understand that you already said “Drama is not for everybody” but realistically it isn’t something that anybody should constantly be dealing with on a regular basis either – it’s something we should “deal” with (or to) ie. get rid of ASAP & move on to better things. Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion & good luck!


    • Hi Mary. I agree. I really do, but you see, I’m not the only one in this. There are others out there that have been stung by the previous network and there are others out there that vent with me.

      Another aspect I don’t think you’re recognising here, is the fact that the previous network has made countless attacks against me personally and many of these attacks were blatant lies about my person and you might be surprised what people sometimes believe out there.

      Tell me Mary, if somebody called you a degenerate child rapist and you had people writing to you questioning you about it, would you put out a statement countering what has been said , or perhaps even vent about it so that people know you are nothing of the sort? You see, I’m daring to say that you would. And until you’re actually in my position where you run a network and do a show and you indeed get your fair share of lime light over the years, I don’t really think you will know where I am coming from. Or maybe you do, I don’t know.

      Now, although they didn’t call me a child rapist they did indeed make some serious accusations against me and even bought my Daughter into the fight as you have probably heard, which probably merits at very least some form of response, let alone being able to vent about their bullshit. No?

      I’m not saying that I will keep Drama Corner up forever, but for now, it’s here to stay and as I have made it VERY clear, people have the choice to click on it, or don’t.

      Thanks for writing Mary.



    • hello Mary M, You are here, in the Drama Corner, and -very respectfully – vent Your opinions :” Drama is not for everybody” but realistically it isn’t something that anybody should constantly be dealing with on a regular basis either – it’s something we should “deal” with (or to) ie” … ‘SHOULD’, well that word dear Mary M , living in this new-age social justice warrior world full of prophets and social ‘helpers’ ,just bugs the shit out of me. And why say we’re “constantly be dealing with -drama- on a regular basis”, projection theory 101 i would say. ie you still seem not really have digested your own personal drama you alluded to.
      Anyways, apologies if this comes over as crude drama, but remember where you are writing into: The Drama Corner.
      (ok, bit of a laugh then)


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